Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along

My sock is coming along well, although I didn't make as much progress during graduation as I expected.  I think I really am a slow knitter!  But you know, that doesn't bother me; it just means that my knitting cost is spread over more hours and so costs me less!  I'm really getting my money's worth on the good yarn.  Of course, the reverse is true, too:  yucky yarn is such a chore that I won't use it since I won't want it running through my hands for so long!

I think just one more repeat of the lace pattern and it will be time to start the toe decreases, kitchener it, and start the other sock.

I also started a little cowl with the extra Madelinetosh merino left over from Entomology.  I'm adapting a sock pattern for it, so we'll have to see how that goes!

I don't have any new books this week since I finished Baby Catcher, which I loved, but it had an unexpected melancholy ending.  It made me that much more grateful for the wonderful midwife I had!

I've been so tired at night that I haven't made much progress on The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest.

I can't wait to see what everyone else is knitting, crocheting, and reading over at Ginny's!


  1. Great sock -- is it yours? I don't know if I'll ever do socks -- so much work. But I guess it's worth it if they feel good.

  2. Very beautiful sock .... love the lace work ...


  3. Beautiful lace work! Is the sock meant for you?

  4. That's a great attitude to have about your knitting. :-)

    Love your sock!

  5. Thank you, ladies! These socks are for me because I wear the other pair I made for myself as much as possible during the winter. I figure I need at least one other pair to rotate them!


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