Friday, May 6, 2011

Teetering on the Edge

...of a Nervous Breakdown, that is.

That's how my husband said he feels most of the time when I was bemoaning everything going on here.  Don't get me wrong....everything here is good....minus the Lyme Disease uncertainty...but there's just A Lot Happening.

In case you hadn't noticed, the life of a homeschooling mom is kinda busy.  Add to that a couple of hours of carpool per day and you've got a full life.  We won't go into all the sundry little things like AHG, Boy Scouts, etc....

Then, just for kicks, lets add lots of extra practices and meetings for end-of-the-year events, 2 graduations, a graduation party, and guests.  All in the same 2 weeks!

Oh, and I hadn't even told you the Bedroom Saga...since Katie is moving home after graduation, and Meg wants her bedroom painted purple, we're making The Great Bedroom Switch.  Katie gets the schoolroom in the basement (and all that stuff has to go Somewhere), and Meg gets her old purple bedroom (because I'm not painting when there's a perfectly good purple room down the hall!), and Tom will get Meg's room once it is no longer Pepto-Bismol Pink.  In the meantime, the schoolroom is a mess.  Meg's New Room is full and the old room is still pretty full, too.  How does that happen????  Especially when the new room is larger than the old?

And that whole mess in the Old Room has to be cleaned up before the In-Laws arrive on Thursday so they have a place to sleep.  Unless they want the sofa-bed in the basement?

Oh, wait, THAT's a mess, too!

For Mother's Day, I want to sit and knit while watching a 6-hour BBC miniseries.  I don't want to cook or clean. 'kay, thanks.


  1. I love reading about your life....makes me think....3? 3's... pretty good! ;-)

    I want to sit next to you and quilt while we watch that show...whatever you pick.....

    and drink a ton of iced tea....

    and have someone occasionally bring us food........

    oh yeah, stopping for a pedicure would be alright too....

  2. Sorry you're having a tough month. Don't forget to stop occasionally and ask for help from above -- He will give you what you need to make it all work (and if it doesn't, it wasn't that important!).

    Happy Mother's Day. I'll be cooking for my mom, and I'll let my husband think he did it all, because that's what moms do. ;-)

  3. did you get your marathon? the BBC marathon, not the moving, painting, cleaning marathon.

    happy mother's day!


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