Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes

~~Joining Jen's Quick Takes for the first time in forever~~

I haven't done Quick Takes in ages;  blogging has been kind of difficult for the past few months.  I guess I've been a bit busier than I thought!  Even with all the thoughts going around my head, I'm not sure which ones to blog.  How do you decide?

Looking back over the past month on my ical calendar, it has been a very colorful month, to say the least, especially the last 3 weeks which have been chock full of activities for everyone.  Last night was the last big one:  the American Heritage Girls banquet and awards ceremony.  That's done and I can relax----it's just "normal" stuff from now on, like piano, swim team, summer school, AHG planning.

There were a few really tricky days a couple of weeks ago where DH and I had no idea how it was all going to get done.  But it did, one day at a time.

We worried (well, I did, anyway) and fretted, and steamed, and DH finally said to stop worrying; it would all get done somehow.  And it did.  We actually got through those days rather smoothly, and I remembered to Thank God for the graces and the sudden changes in schedule that made it all possible.

What I didn't remember was to Trust God in advance and because He would take care of it all anyway.  I don't know when I'll learn that lesson.

How are you on that score?  Do you remember to trust in advance?

Yesterday afternoon I spoke with someone on the phone----I don't remember who---and I don't remember what about----but it was probably to do with the Impending Banquet of Doom and I've just blocked it out.  I do remember that she said I seemed awfully calm, considering.  My reply was that we had reached that point in the preparation where I could no longer make any significant changes.  It was planned; it would happen; it would either be a disaster or not, but there was very little I could at that point to change the outcome.  Sort of a que sera, sera moment.

I'd like to have more of those.

My family, while all safe, is emotionally devastated by the destruction in Joplin.  I'm sure everyone has seen the pictures and heard the stories.  So, so many people without homes.  My heart breaks especially for those have literally lost their loved ones.  No knowing whether they're alive or dead.  Or one woman who was saved by her husband lying on top of her and the dog.  He died, and while she was gone to help someone else, his body was "recovered" and she has no idea where he is now.

Many of my dad's friends have lost absolutely everything.  The university he taught at for 30+ years, Missouri Southern State University, has set up a relief fund for faculty members, staff, and students affected by the tornado.  They also list some other ways to help on that page.

There's so much to do, it's hard to know where to begin.  Maybe we begin (and end) in the same place---with prayer.

 Bonus picture of my 2 goofy graduates.

My American Heritage Girl crossed over from the Tenderheart level to Explorers and feels very mature in her new blue vest!  She also earned her Sacagawea award.  I'm trying to think of the BSA equivalent, but I'm not sure there is one.  You move up from one level to the next based on age, but Sacagawea is the "level award" for Tenderhearts which requires extra work:  5 service hours for each year; attending 4 special events; making a poster about AHG; earning a badge in each of the 6 frontiers; attending a Board of Review.  As an Explorer, she'll have to perform 10 service hours per year in addition to the other extra activities.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.  

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  1. You remembered to give thanks -- can do it! You did it!

    I am getting better about trusting, but it doesn't usually happen until I get desperate. It will come with practice. ;-)


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