Monday, May 16, 2011


4 Years of Classes.
4 Years with the same roommates.
4 Years of Hard Work, both classes and a job.
4 Years of Good Grades.
4 Years of keeping her faith.

We're so proud of our Graduate!

She's so excited!

Pomp and Circumstance.  So serious!

Showing us her cap.  She and her roomies spelled out CIAO!

My 3 big kids looking ragged and oh, so much alike Saturday morning!

Meg and Dh dressed for the party.  The rest of us are ready to work!

I'd like to report that as of Monday morning, my sanity is still intact after the past week. This next 2 weeks shouldn't be as complicated.  And I've hardly cried at all, just a couple of misty eyes.  The kids would all tell you that's a minor miracle.


  1. That is wonderful! Congratulations to the BOTH of you (and she looks so much like you, too).

  2. Congratulations!! You must be very proud!!


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