Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Birthday #2 of the week goes to my oldest son, Brendan, who turns 21 today.  He's a senior in college and getting ready to make his mark on the world.  With pants on, I hope. 


Ha!  So glad I was clueless about iOS6 coming out and haven't upgraded, especially since none of the news I heard on Twitter was good.  Last night my husband was showing me the tumblr on Apple Maps, and we were cracking up.  Sometimes it's good to live under a rock.


I just decided this morning, while walking my feisty dog, that he looks like an Ewok.  Right?


The other day as I was walking him "up the bluffs" which is a private, steep drive for 3 sorta secluded houses, I looked up to see a coyote cross the road in front of me!  He wasn't more than 10 feet away, just quickly and quietly crossing the road.  That's just a little too bold for me even if he was hoping I wouldn't notice him.  I don't think The Ewok saw him; he certainly didn't react at all.  


Here are a couple of pictures from last winter of a long row of Crepe Myrtles that I loved.  They were stunning in bloom, but I was equally entranced by the beauty of their twisted, smooth-barked branches (because they've never been mercilessly hacked off by landscapers) as I sat at the red light for many, many minutes at a time, usually on my way home from the chiropractor.  I was completely crushed to drive past them this morning to find out that they've been entirely decimated by whatever construction project is underway.  It's probably about widening the congested intersection, since they were on the median, but whatever it is, I'm sad.  I assume they're doing everything they can to protect the enormous, gorgeous Live Oak on the adjacent corner, and I'll focus on that---until it, too, succumbs to the ravages of progress.


Evidently there is a new PBS series on Sundays at 9 p.m., right after we finish watching Once Upon a Time on ABC.  It's called "Call the Midwife."  It's sounds like something my home-birthing self might enjoy, and it might be something to entertain us while we wait desperately for "Downton Abbey" to return!


Ever since it appeared on Netflix instant watch, the kids and I have been watching the 1st season of Once Upon a Time over again.  We can't wait for the new season to start in 9 more days!!!

What are you watching on TV these days?  Waiting for any new seasons to start?


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  1. I am so excited about the start of "Once Upon A Time" too!! And Downton Abbey, but mostly OUAT since the season premier is almost here!

    1. Yep. Can't wait! I'm so happy we have Netflix to review the whole season!

  2. Totally an Ewok clone.
    I had a coyote pass right in front of me during an early morning run once. Would have been far less scary if it hadn't happened in the middle of a suburban cul-de-sac!

    1. I have recordings of the coyotes howling and having pack meetings in the woods---right across my suburban cul-de-sac!

  3. #4: My college was in the middle of a redwood forest (UC Santa Cruz) and I had several coyote encounters. Most of the time, the two of us saw each other and headed in other directions. When we lived in Montana, I almost hit them while driving and would probably have run back over them several times if they had caused my car any body damage.

    #7: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI, The Big Bang Theory, and a few others.

    1. Last time I was driving through MO and OK, I was surprised at how many dead ones there were on the roadsides. They're either very numerous or very stupid. Or both.

      I haven't seen any of those shows---we hardly watch any primetime tv. Food Network is usually safe for the kids. ;-)

  4. I admit I have watched Downton season 1 four times and Season 2 twice. Usually while doing something else but there is just so much garbage on I gravitate back to good, clean Downton. When the kids aren't around I watch the Hutterites on National Geo, and Pioneer Woman on FN. I like her better on her show.


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