Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth

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A decent picture of me and my sweetie.  Of course, it's just a crummy iphone pic taken by moi in the parking lot waiting for fireworks, but it looks a lot better since I changed from the original orange lighting to B&W.  Oh, and got rid of the giant shine on my cheek!  

Happiness is having your whole family (except the 2 travelers) go to the neighborhood party.  They were acting just like siblings:  playing nicely with all ages from 10-19, and then fighting and making each other cry or pout.  I'll be thrilled with all 8 of us are together idea when that will be.

The winning combination of our Fluffernutter Frenzy the other night.  Everyone wants a Fluffer-ella for breakfast, and one of my traveling children who missed the extravaganza wants to repeat the experiment at the beach.

Devil child playing with sparklers.  
 Our favorite place to watch fireworks:  the top of a parking deck about a mile from our house.  It provides just enough elevation to see the city's show which is another 2 miles away.  And the really nice part, because even though you're not lying on the grass directly below the fireworks, you can get home in 5 minutes because it's not that crowded!  We've tried being closer, but the crowds make us crazy and the traffic afterwards is even worse. 
We did read the Declaration of Independence per Leila's suggestion.  We didn't write it out by hand, but it got read!  There's some stirring language there!

Finally, this little dog who does not get the message that it's practically sacreligious to sit in Nana's pink chair!  It's his favorite spot these days.


  1. I too really can't abide the dark stumbling in a crowd after the fireworks. Bridget was afraid of fireworks for a long time, so I got off the hook!

  2. I left the house only long enough to move the sprinkler and take some pictures of the fireworks being shot off at my house (by my brother). I pretended it was zero degrees w/12 inches of snow...too cold to go out.


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