Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We're a Little Squirrelly, here!

Last week I heard The. Loudest. Racket.  Outside, inside, it was someone working on a construction project in my attic....with their teeth!  It was hard to pinpoint the exact location, but it went on practically all day, and the next day, too.  Dh had gone up to look around and definitely saw a squirrel hiding out.

We called Our Squirrel Guy who had installed our lifetime warrantied pest exclusion in '08 and rid our attic of many dead and live squirrels.  He came out a few days later, though the major noise had stopped, and because of that he thought a female had been building a nest and might be ready to give birth.

God forbid.  You know that the babies return to their birthplace to give birth again?  Imagine the generations of squirrels in your attic giving birth at one time.  Or don't.  Don't go there...it's scary to contemplate.

Anyway, he found the likely spot where it (they!?) were entering, and installed a one-way door so they could get out for water, but not be able to get back in.  After about a week of no more noises, he came and sealed it up properly again.  But we were still hearing little noises, so he decided to put a paper plate full of cany and nuts up there saying that we should check it and let him know if it was touched.  We shouldn't touch it, but leave it for him because he would be able to tell what kind of rodent (eugh!) was up there.

Pippo and Meg have been thrilled to be able to climb up to the attic every day to check the (amazingly) untouched plate.  But yesterday....Yesterday....they a saw a "big ball of gray fluff" in the insulation.  Dh went up after we left to go back to Commitment Sunday...so we missed all the fun...darn it.....and pulled out a BIG dead squirrel....and threw it in the woods.

So, the question is:  Was it there, and dead, the whole time, or had it somehow survived without water while the one-way door was in place (because he says they're scared of it and won't use it until they're desperate), and then got sealed up in the attic?  Fortunately, the weather has cooled off and he wasn't rotting...yet?

Eugh.  I hate squirrels.  And attics.

And I'm jealous of The Squirrel Guy because he built his house himself, with metal over all the joints, so it will be Rodent Proof.   Nice.


  1. hmmm, thinking I should add that to my wish list for the house I'll one day build.

    metal joint coverings to keep out aminals.


  2. Or you can spend several hundreds of dollars after the fact to have them de-rat your attic. That is also an option, I've heard, particularly when moving into a new house...

    (Next time, I am getting a pest inspection on top of a home inspection before buying a house.)


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