Monday, October 3, 2011

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Outside my window...There's an indigo sky over the trees, but it's still dark and quiet.  The season has definitely shifted to fall.  The sun is still warm, but the wind has been blowing a chilly breeze for days.

I am thinking...That a brindle* colored dog maybe isn't the best color to get.  He can hide anywhere, even in plain sight because he's so well-camouflaged!

*brindle |ˈbrindl|nouna brownish or tawny color of animal fur, with streaks of other color.• an animal with such a coat.adjective(also brindled )(esp. of domestic animals) brownish or tawny with streaks of other color: a brindle pup.

I am thankful...for Commitment Sunday!  That sounds weird, I know, but I spent practically the entire weekend at the church, in the Family Center, to recruit for American Heritage Girls.  I was tired and stuffy because of a cold, but I really enjoyed sitting around, crocheting, and talking with my friends for hours.

...for blog readers who comment and supply you with what you need!  Thank you to Jen at ::Meditatio:: for sending me her Daybook Template!  I love it!

From the kitchen table...Still plugging away at the books.  Since today is Monday school is bound to take at least 8 hours.  I don't think it's the workload on Mondays; I think it's just the attitude.

In the kitchen...I'm still using the Everyday Paleo menu plan, which makes my life a lot easier.  Only this week I was a little more selective and switched one of the recipes for Barbara's Spicy Asian Lettuce Wraps.  I know it's not summer anymore, but we're going to have them anyway!

I am wearing...Blue jeans, handknit socks, tee, cardigan, handknit scarf around my neck.  It's cold.  I'm cold.  And I have a cold.  So I'm trying to keep warm.

I am creating...I spent a lot of time yesterday working on my sleeping mat for the homeless, and last night I worked on my own sweater.

I am going...To stay home today until it is time to pick up Tom from school late this afternoon.  I like that.  Unless I get out to JoAnn's for some sewing things I need.  I like that, too!

I am wondering...If they'll find a bone marrow match for Isaac.

I am reading...Not much, right now.  I got a book from the library the other day about housekeeping...and promptly forgot about it.  Yes, I forgot about both housekeeping AND the's been a busy few days.

I am hoping...They find a match for Isaac.

I am looking forward to...A walk in the sunshine today.  I hope.  I took Gus for a long walk yesterday, his longest yet(!), and it was perfect.

I am hearing...The dryer running already, and Pippo sniffling because he has a cold, too.

Around the house...Squirrels.  Around, and in.  Yuck.

I am pondering...Where I'm going with my blogging.

One of my favorite things...Warm sunshine.  Can you tell I'm cold this morning?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Choir, AHG Board meeting, working on our co-op drama costumes.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Tom and his GF Alexandra, ready for homecoming.

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