Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Someone Missed Me

I heard the other day that someone missed my 7 Quick Takes on Friday.  It's nice to know I'm missed, but I think he's a little biased.  Maybe.

Here's a little update:

~~~It was a little busy last week.  It always is, but especially on Thursdays when I have American Heritage Girls.  Lots of stuff gets crammed into that day so I'm a little crazy.

~~~Friday morning I spent getting ready for our co-op in the afternoon, and doing a little, essential schoolwork with the kids.  I'm in charge of props and costumes for our little show on January 1.  Usually, there's a small army of experiences sew-ers, if not actual seamstresses, to help.  Not this year.

~~~Tom has his annual Fall Festival coming up, which isn't as fun as it might sound.  It's a piano competition where he plays 2 pieces for just a couple of judges.  He also has a very difficult duet to perform, so we've been trying to squeeze in several extra rehearsals with his partner in the past week.

~~~Gus is 13 weeks now, and he seems to have doubled in size, but I know he can't be more than 5 lbs.  Although, when you think about it....6lbs. would be double his original size!!!  He's almost a dog, now.  Still very much a demon with his dangerous teeth.  He's obviously very smart and has learned quite a few commands, but he's, just as obviously, extremely stubborn and mouthy.  He bites people way too much, and it worries me, and I get frustrated with him, and that doesn't help the situation at all.

~~~I'm also frustrated with The Dog Whisperer, whose book, How to Raise the Perfect Dog makes me a little crazy.  He starts with the perfect dog!  Carefully examining the litter to pick the right temperament and energy level.  He doesn't tell you what to do when you already have the imperfect dog with the wrong temperament.

~~~Book Club was on Sunday where we discussed Unbroken, which was really a great read.  I highly recommend it.

~~~Here are a couple of pictures from our AHG camping trip 2 weekends ago.  The first is a yurt.  They have yurts at this campground, and several of us were quite enamored of them.  We decided to have a leaders' retreat one of these days and stay in the yurts which sleep 6.

Standing atop the earthen dam.

That looks like 6....See ya later!

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  1. Your little pup is still so young...don't worry about the biting too much. That unfortunately will last a while (though it might drive you nuts lol). I've been through that with a few puppies and it will eventually pass!


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