Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruffle Scarf

Isn't this scarf the cutest thing?  I think I'm in love.  

At Goodwill last week,  I found 3.5 yards of this gorgeous, turquoise, jersey fabric for $2.92.  Meg thought it was the perfect color for her costume, and it's my favorite color anyway.  

I had a couple of hours yesterday to sew because the neighbors had a teacher workday, and they were all over here playing, so I worked on costumes.  Meg and her buddy are going to be Powerpuff Girls, so I'm making both costumes.

And then I thought I'd make a scarf out of some of the extra material using one of my pins on Pinterest.  The pics don't really show the right color....you know, it's really hard to take an iphone picture of yourself and get your scarf but not your goofy I'm-taking-a-picture facial expressions!

This was the inspiration, but I have no time to make little, fussy flowers for my scarf, and since the jersey comes in a tube, basically, I just kept it that way and made it an "infinity scarf."  It's so simple to do:  I cut 2 strips and sewed them together on both sides with a short, narrow zigzag stitch, stretching it out as I went to make it ruffle.

So happy with this little project!  Even my fashionista daughter approved.  


  1. I LOVE the color, and love the price even more. :) Awesome project.

  2. That turned out super cute! And "leftover" material never seems to be as useful as it should be (around here anyway!). What a great way to use it up.

  3. That technique borders on magic. Very, very feminine and lovely on you.

  4. That IS really cute. People who don't sew would pay good money for something like that. Ask me how I know.

  5. Very pretty! Good score on the material too.


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