Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yarning Along!

Still knitting my Dragonflies.  It's growing, but I'm still not finished with my first ball of yarn.  I really think I'm going to have to block this on the needles to see how big it actually is, even though I know that 2nd ball won't make as many repeats since every repeat is bigger than the last.  

I'm not sure I like knitting a shawl this way.  If you have 2 skeins, it's easier to know that you're halfway done if you've used one skein.  If you start at one corner, or the point in front, it gets bigger and bigger until you finish that first skein, then you start the second skein and start your decreases.  You should run out of yarn at exactly the right place:  the end!  I like that.  Plain and simple.  

This one, starting at the point that hangs in the middle of your back, I can't tell how much more yarn I need to finish, although I could just keep going until I'm out of yarn.  Problem is, I can't stop in the middle of a repeat; I have to finish the dragonfly pattern and then do the final two rows.  Yikes.  Too much thinking for me!  I'll just keep knitting.

As for reading...I bought and read between Yarn Alongs Little Princes.  You should read my review from yesterday, and then go read the book.   I'm also still working on Jesus of Nazareth, and I started The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest from my Goodwill score of last week.

Happy Knitting!  


  1. I think your dragonflies is gorgous and I do hope you post pictures when it is complete.

  2. That is an incredible amount of knitting (and thinking!). Love the color.

  3. The dragonflies are sooo cool!!! And your banner of the rose is so stunning :).

  4. I love the beads, so elegant!


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