Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am sitting here, all cozy, at Atlanta Bread Company, doing schoolwork with my young'uns. This is our Thursday tradition after we take Tom to school because we have to come back over here at 10 a.m. I don't care to waste the time or the gas. So we camp out with our books for a couple of hours. It's actually our most productive day!

So we are here today, amazed and grateful that we were spared the horrific storms that battered the south yesterday. Events at the church were cancelled in advance, so I was home, glued to the weather channel for several hours, while Alabama was repeatedly assaulted.

I cried and prayed as I watched, my heart breaking for the residents, for the distraught parents of students at the University of Alabama. I was never so thankful that Brendan had turned down his scholarship there!

We are fine. Storms in the Atlanta area were much milder than expected. The kids slept in the basement for my peace-of-mind, though! It takes too long to wake sleeping children and herd them down the stairs!

There's a lot to be thankful for as more tragedies unfold. Lots of praying to do for those dead, hurt, and suffering.

Lord, have mercy!

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