Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

What's a blog without pictures? 


At least to me; I'm a very visual person and a lot of uninterrupted text bugs me.  Not so much in a book, but definitely in a blog.

So....I need to give some serious thought to this whole Picasa issue now that I've run out of photo space.  Even after deleting a kajillion pics they're still telling me I'm over my 1GB limit.  Grrr.

So it's Monday.  And it's the First Day Back after spring break.  Why does that always have to occur on a Monday?  It doesn't help.

It also doesn't help that we were expecting the delivery of a new fridge today.  The excitement of that coupled with the necessity of cleaning out the old one to try to save some of the food makes it really hard to get our schoolwork done.

Fortunately, I seem to have planned for Mondays when I planned our school year!  Mondays are fairly light workwise and we should  be able to finish.  Yay!

The fridge is in and we're anxiously waiting for it to cool down so we can load it up.  Opening the door constantly probably doesn't help that process, does it?

I didn't blog after Wednesday evidently because I was busy with household projects.  

Peeling the ridiculous laminate off my bathroom cabinets to repaint was one.  Pics to come whenever Evil Blogger allows.

Cleaning out and reorganizing my basement so we can have an empty bedroom for a college graduate who is moving home for a year.  

That's a long sentence for a long project.  This job is going to take a long time and will mean getting rid of a Lot of Stuff.  Which is a good thing.  So is having her home.  So I'm not complaining, just saying.  It's a big job which seems to grow as I do more.

I should have some giveaways of homeschooling stuff---because I'm going to get pretty tired of listing it for sale on Cathswap and selling it in bits and pieces.  At least giveaways might be fun!


Time to hit the books for a little while before Quittin' Time.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I don't get blogger. Your blog does not, to me, seem super photo heavy. Do you think it could be a mistake?

    PS I'm in the market for a fridge -- thinking Kitchen Aid -- what did you buy?

  2. hmmmm, HOW many years of Catholic homeschooling stuff do you have????

    any kinder catechism stuff??? ;-)

    try making your pics a smaller size. you can a) do this after they're taken in paint, saving the original size in case you wanna print them for use as wallpaper in that basement you're redoing. or you can b) change the size of the file that the picture takes in the first place. Depending on how $$$ your camera is, the smallest, or next to smallest size is fine for posting online and printing in say a 5x7 size.

  3. your 1GB is space, ie, smaller (lesser resolution) pics take up less therefore you can put a bunch more online.


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