Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quiet Time

It has been a busy week here with household stuff, repairmen, delivery men, the installation and painting of our new front door.  And of course, the usual business of educating my children and taking care of the family.

More stuff to do as we prepare for Easter and pray through the Triduum.  It's like a marathon, these last few days of Lent.  If you were a miserable failure all through Lent (like yours truly!), there is still lot and lots of praying and sacrificing you can do between now and Sunday.

That's what I'll be doing:  immersing myself in the fasting and feasting and the prayer of the Church.

Have a blessed Triduum and I'll see you on Easter Monday!

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  1. Good for you...knowing that it's never too late for Lent! The run-up of Holy Week always me of the family in Fiddler on the Roof getting everything in order for the Sabbath. Hope you all had a blessed one!


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