Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Princes--Book Review

Yesterday I promised I'd tell you about the book I read this weekend...My family is tired of hearing about it...You can stop reading now, Dear.

 It's been a little while since I found a book that I couldn't put down.  Maybe it helped that I downloaded it to the Kindle App on my iphone and I had it with me wherever I went?  I'm generally leery of the idea of paying real money for a virtual book, but I wanted this one quickly and I wanted to have it with me wherever I went since it's the current book for our bookclub and I wasn't sure how long I'd have to read it.  Love that Kindle app!  It does make life a bit easier----though I think all the other books I have on there have been free!

Anyway....on to the book.  Little Princes is the story of Conor Grennan, a young man who graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!), worked in Prague for a few years where he was able to bank most of his income, and then decided to blow it all on a round-the-world trip so he could party and meet women before settling down in NYC.  To impress the women and to assuage some of the guilt of partying for a year, he decided to volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal for 3 months.

It's a conversion story at it's heart because this man went into this volunteering stint for all the wrong reasons and it changed him completely.  He did things he never expected to do, and became so attached to the children at the Little Princes orphanage.  More than that, he was compelled to help these children who were victims of child trafficking find their families again.

At the time, Conor was trying to help only a handful of children out of the thousands in Nepal that were trafficked during their civil war, but it reminded me of Mother Teresa who couldn't help everyone on the street, but she could pick up "just this one".  

Little Princes is well-written, funny, heartwarming, and enlightening.   It's even a bit of a tear-jerker.  Everything I look for in a book!  Read it and know that buying the book helps to support the cause of reuniting families.

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