Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sharing the Love!

As you know, one of the highlights of my trip to Cincinnati was meeting up with fellow-blogger Barbara at Praying for Grace.  She's such a sweet, generous person that not only did she drive 2 hours to take me and Meg to dinner, but she gave me her book that she had just finished reading!

Probably everyone on the planet has read this book by now.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I found it to be a page turner, very hard to put down.  It was also very thought-provoking.  Moreso because I had just been to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center just before I met up with Barb.  Not enough had changed one hundred years after slavery was ended, but it was starting to!

I'm going to give someone else the opportunity to read this book.  Just leave a comment if you want to participate in the drawing.  I'll pick a winner next week.  I'd give you a date, but it would probably change!  Lol.  

Now is the time for all you lurkers to come out of the woodwork and comment.


  1. Oh i don't want to be first, because then I probably won't win, bummer. That book is on my wishlist! I keep picking it up whenever I see it and think.... maybe when it comes out in paperback, lol.
    But this would be great!!
    Thank you!

  2. I guess I've been in fantasy land so long I haven't heard of this book yet. Been too busy reading children's books to my kids. But thanks to your link I looked it up. Sounds fascinating! Love to be included as a hopeful to read it. And yes, I'll pass it along when I've finished.

  3. I just finished "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Denver Moore and Ron Hall. Denver is a black man who worked in the cotton fields until he hopped on a train that ended up in Fort Worth...and he became homeless. I hope to meet him this Oct. at his art gallery! So..."The Help" sounds like another story to touch my heart!

  4. My mom was telling me she wanted to read this book the other day! Please enter me - I'd love to win it for her!


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