Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Friday is just about my favorite day of the week for many reasons, not the least of which is the linky party on The Inspired Room.  I love spending an hour perusing the inspirational decor posts, but somewhere in the middle I usually take a break to work on my post for the day.  Which I'm doing now.  But I just started to upload a photo to blogger and while I was searching for the pic, I suddenly realized that Safari/Blogger/iphoto might crash the system, which they are oh so prone to do, because they hate each other!  I immediately canceled the upload because then I would lose all my tabs that I haven't read yet!

A girl has to have her priorities.

On my trip to the library the other day, I was looking for Confessions of a Prairie B**** by Alison Arngrim,  (of course, they don't have it, but I think I've requested it already) when I found the graphic novel version of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, The Prodigal Son.  Madden was surprised to see me reading a graphic novel, but I'm starting to see the attraction thanks to Melissa and her Comic-Con updates.  It's certainly a much faster way to read a book!

This is one of the fun finds this morning in blogland.   I'm posting it for my darling KT who will adore this tiny Victorian cottage in the Catskill mountains.  Read the story that goes with it.

Seriously, who wouldn't want a little retreat like this?  Only someone who insists on toilets and electricity, I'm sure.  

Another reason for loving Friday....
I don't have to go anywhere today, so Madden can take my car to football practice.  That means I don't have to pick him up and I don't have to go anywhere!

So you're wondering what I'm going to do all day?

Maybe make some school lesson-plans.

Maybe start painting Hitch and Madden's room.  

We'll see how much energy I have.  That is in seriously short supply these days.

Fridays are much more exciting than they used to be since my good friend, Kathleen, invited us out to Trivia Night at Starbucks.  We've been twice and had a great time.  It's fun for the whole family, just like she promised.  Everyone gets a treat from Starbucks or the Bruster's Ice Cream next door, and it's a little bit educational.

Do you know how to rank these ancient units of measurement from smallest to largest?
cubit, digit, palm, span

In our near-epic storm the other night, which was more epic for it's wind and rain than thunder and lightning, we lost a tree, evidently.  Meg found it yesterday when she went out back to the swingset with her friends.  It was a tall, old tree in the back corner of our yard.  I'm not even sure it's technically in our yard since it's on the border.  But, thank heavens, it had the good grace to fall into the buffer zone between houses/neighborhoods, not into our yard or onto our playset, so we don't have to do any cleanup!

It was one of the posts for our zip line, which the kids have always loved.  So that's kind of sad.

24th wedding anniversary coming up Monday.  We're at a loss as to how to celebrate.  Any ideas???

I'll be going to Six Flags to celebrate.  What will my dear husband do?  ;-)

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  1. Digit, palm, span, cubit? That's my guess.

    Have you tried using Firefox instead of Safari? You can download it for free, and I never have trouble with iPhoto and Blogger getting along with it.

  2. And I think dear husband needs to go to Six Flags with you. You can smooch at the top of the roller coaster hill! Very romantic. ;-)

  3. I vote Six Flags, too. And justsohappens my 18 yo daughter and her friends are going to be there, so I'll have them spy on the tops of the roller coasters for any middle-aged smoochers! Congrats on 24, Sara...hope to see you when I'm in town on the 21st! It's been too long.

  4. You're right, Barbara! It was digit, palm, span, cubit. We got stuck thinking "wingspan".

    I'd love to see you too, Kalynne. Maybe I can work it out!

  5. oh yea ive seen that cottage before! i love it


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