Friday, July 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes

My Little Princess woke up on Wednesday with a pain in her neck.  She has walked around for 2 days looking more like a hunchbacked ogre than a princess!  Fortunately, after 2 trips to the chiropractor she is much, much straighter now.

A good chiropractor is a good thing to have.  

A bad one, not so much.

It's Cow Appreciation Day and we're going to Chik Fil-A dressed as cows to get free food.  

Also, on Cow Appreciation Day, I got a phone call telling me that my grassfed cow will be ready for pick-up in 2 weeks!!!  Hooray!

Another book signing last night.  It was lots of fun!  Post to come.

It deserves its own post.

TMax has baked 2 cakes in the last 12 hours.  My Book Signing Buddy Eren is coming over to give a lesson on cake decorating.  She's pretty amazing for an amateur!  Meg and Pipster are going to decorate their own cakes and have a blast doing it.  

I'm hoping I'll learn something, too.

Lots to think about these days in Elizabeth Foss's series on Velveteen Me.  About losing the person she used to be when she was younger.  It sounds as though she lost that person because of the internet, and I certainly don't want to say she's wrong.  In fact, I can't imagine the havoc the internet could have wreaked on my life and those of my children if blogging were as pervasive then as it is now.  But I also wonder how much of losing that person comes from just being middle-aged and not having babies anymore.   

It's also hard to be that carefree mom when you're driving older kids all over creation for sports and activities.  My younger two have lived their lives in the car much, much more than the older ones.  There is so much to think about and worry about as your kids get older and spend more time interacting with the outside world.

That and the physical changes that occur around this time are harsh reminders that you're not the person you used to be.  

My question is:  Is she truly lost (meaning me, not Elizabeth!) or has she grown and matured into someone quite a bit different, as an acorn grows and matures into an oak tree.  Not much resemblance there, but definitely the same creature.  

We had some fun this week making flags out of Sculpey.  After building this "flag" we sliced it, and baked them to make pins.  It was fun and challenging at the same time.  I got the idea from this post at Catholic Icing.

We made some beads with our leftover sculpey, which was also fun.  We'll have to try this again sometime!

This project is one that I started last week when Eren, who is also my knitting buddy, and I went to Knit Night (Knight?) at our local yarn shop.  I wanted to start this scarf and had to find the perfect yarn for it.  I think I did.  It's a really pretty grassy green, though a little yellower.  It's a fun knit and I love the leaf edging!


That's all for now.  Visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. I've "enjoyed" Elizabeth's posts as well, and I feel where she is coming from. I, too, have to make a concerted effort not to become emotionally tied to internet people. I avoid most forums for that reason. Bloggers, however, I have become emotionally tied to -- so much I'll drive four hours round trip just to meet one! Looking forward to it. :-)

  2. lost herself due to the internet?? hmmmm, I found an awful lot via the internet...friends....renewed relationships with family....oh yeah, and a HUSBAND!

    I've found my life rather than lost it through the internet....


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