Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Quick Takes

 My "7 Quick Takes" was going to include photos, because that makes it quicker, doesn't it?  Alas, my wonderful Mac crashes when I try to upload photos to my blog.  It drives me crazy, as well as takes a ton of extra time.  So....we'll see.  

Sometimes I think it's A Sign that I shouldn't be blogging.

I came home from a week at the beach and didn't bother to show you any pictures, did I?  Well...See No. 1 above...Suffice it to say that we had a wonderful, relaxing time.  The weather was gorgeous every. single. day.  It seems that our family was the only one to get rained on at all as we drove through Manteo coming and going.

We stayed very active, walking to The Pier most days.  We figure it was about 1.5 miles away, so a tiring 3 mile walk on the beach.  One day, I made the trip twice....and that was pretty early in the week.  I think my legs were sore the rest of the week!  The only thing that loosened them up was going to the park in Duck on Thursday morning to do Pilates.  I've only done it once or twice before and was amazed at how much better and looser I felt.

We had to leave the beach a day early so TMax and Pip could be home in time to go to Boy Scout Camp on Sunday.  Hitch & Katie went back to their college town immediately to be at work on Monday.  So, we've been here with our small, family all week, just Madden and the Little Princess.  It has been quiet.  Madden is either at football practice or sleeping with an occasional visit upstairs for food or ESPN.  

You'd think that the Princess and I could have done a ton of crafty stuff, but we've managed to stay busy doing regular, boring things.  No exciting thrifting or crafting.  The boys come home tomorrow, so we'll have to get our act in gear and get ready for The Fourth.

The beginnings of my decorating for the weekend.  I love this little spatterware milk jug filled with the last of my hydrangeas.  The tablecloth is a vintage one that I found at a yard sale last year.  It's square and doesn't fit any tables, so I just put it diagonally across my large kitchen table.

It's a happy little cloth!

(Yes, I sneaked a pic in there!  I don't think the others will come up as easily.)
(Ha!  I was right.  Crashed again.)


Part of the reason for the silence this week...and the that there were 2 funerals yesterday.  One was the sudden, totally unexpected death of the father of one of Madden's classmates.  The other was my cousin whose death was expected after 6 years of fighting cancer.  

My cousin was 63 years old, a good 17 years older than myself.  Consequently, I hardly knew him.  I don't remember him from my childhood at all, though I did see him again 6 or 7 years ago at an impromptu family reunion when we were in town visiting my dad.  We marveled at the striking resemblance between him and my son TMax.   I found out this week that he was  Catholic and that he was a well-loved teacher.  He was voted Teacher of the Year at one time.  I wish I had gotten the chance to know him.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

It looks like Repeatedly Crashing Safari has taken too much of my morning blogging time and has wiped out my workout time.  (Darn)  I'm off to the chiropractor this morning for a much-needed adjustment.  My neck started tightening up and becoming painful before the beach, and has since become almost unbearable.  Neck mobility is extremely limited.  It's probably just as well that I'm skipping my workout since it can cause my neck to hurt.

I had a chance to get together with one of my girlfriends last night.  We decided to meet at the local knitting store that has "Knit Night" on Thursdays.  You just bring your work and sit around with the other ladies.  Since I conveniently forgot the instructions for the project I had in mind, and I had to buy some yarn for a new scarf that I had just downloaded the pattern for.  That store is another Little Bit of Heaven.  I just love touching all the yarn!  I found something perfect for the project and enjoyed every bit of the last hour of knitting and chatting.  

I could go every Thursday.   

If I didn't have American Heritage Girls every Thursday of the month but one.

Hmmmm......What would YOU do?


Go visit Jen for more Quick Takes and 
Have a Red, White, and Blue weekend!


  1. The kids interrupted me this a.m. before I got my workout now I'm mowing. :)

  2. Thought you were head poombah of AHGs. In which case. I'd make an executive decision to change the meeting night for next year!!!!!


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