Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Time No See!

I've been back from the American Heritage Girls convention since late Saturday night, but I haven't found the time to blog.  I don't really have the time, now, but I find that I get things done much faster when I really don't have time.

You know how that is, right?

(It doesn't help that iphoto and blogger haven't been speaking for 24 hours, causing Safari to crash every time I tried to post a photo!)

I'm stealing a few moments here before I start another busy day to say hi.  We had an awesome time at the convention!  If you've ever been to any kind of conference/convention, you know how incredible it is to be surrounded by people who are excited about the same thing you are.  There's a lot of energy around as you meet new people and go to sessions to gather and share ideas.

But all that energy has to come from somewhere, right?  It comes from the attendees and goes out into space.

And that means I'm still tired.

It was fun and exhausting all at the same time.  There were lots of wonderful moments, which I hope to share with you later.  But the most important one is this one:

Barbara and Faith, of Praying for Grace, drove down to Cincinnati to take us to dinner!  It was far too short a visit, but it was lovely to get a chance to meet them in person.  Although as I said, it wasn't like meeting them at all.  It was just like getting together with a friend I've known for a long time.  Oh, and our little girls acted like they've known each other for years, too.  They were very goofy and cute together.


  1. We both (Faith and I) enjoyed our visit, Sara. I'm glad you had a awesome time at your convention -- maybe that energy will circle the moon and come back to you!

  2. So glad you had one of those MOMENTS! Love meeting kindred spirits.


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