Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weds.---I need dpns!

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  1. holy crap you are a good knitter!! you can use the magic loop method if your circular is long enough.

  2. Gee, thanks, Regina. Intarsia is kind of fun, but I'm still not carrying my strands loosely enough across the back. I'm sure you could do it; you're a very good knitter too!

    I don't know the magic loop method and don't have enough time on a computer to learn it. After trying bamboo kabob skewers (too splintery!), I'm using 3 circulars as dpns. LOL. Desperate to finish today!

  3. you need what? dpns??

    I thought there was a bathroom in that hospital! Why on earth do you need Depends???

    lay off the coffee girl.


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