Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Rain Edition)


Our families in Virginia are getting hit by a "historic" snowstorm this weekend.  Dh remarked last night that they're predicting snowfall in feet, not inches.  

I wish we could have some of that.  I think we're getting historic amounts of rain.


I think I've mentioned before that my basement leaks a little in heavy rains, so that leaky part is an unfinished storage room.  Well, there are new leaks in that room.  I'm trying hard not to think about the walls that are covered with (currently) drywall.

I don't think we had all these leaks last year when we had rivers in the backyard.


We're going on a field trip today.  In mid-town Atlanta.  In morning rush-hour traffic.  In the driving rain.  It's at the Center for Puppetry Arts, which is a fun place, so I hope we're able to forget about the rain for a while. 

Oh, wait, we're seeing a show about the RAIN forest.


We could still use your prayers on that job situation, if you don't mind.  

While you're praying, my brother seriously needs them.  He has surgery next Friday to remove his brain tumor.  He's scared, angry, tired, scared.  Scared of the surgery; scared of possible complications; scared that every headache or facial twitch means that this benign tumor might kill him before the surgery. 


It's been a hard week here, emotionally speaking.  That's probably why there haven't been any posts on my blog.  My life is good; it really is.   I'm continually amazed that God has given me such a good life, wonderful husband, and beautiful, amazing kids, but I'm finding myself turning inward, away from everyone else, to protect myself from the emotions and tensions that are everywhere.  I'm focusing on schooling, cooking, knitting, and working on my prayer life.  Trying to keep up with responsibilities with little energy to spare for anything else---like smiling or socializing.

I've got to work more on that prayer life, I think.  I have a strong urge to curl up in front of the fire and watch TV and relax, but I would prefer to curl up with Jesus.  As much as I love to knit and watch TV, it would be more satisfying and refreshing to spend the time with the Lord. 

Do you think He'd mind if I did it in front of the fire instead of the chilly living room where I normally pray?


I've been cooking a lot this week.  Well, I always cook, but I'm cooking large meals (well, I always do that, too!) and freezing half instead of using them for leftovers.  Since I'm planning to go out to my brother's to spend a week helping him after his surgery, I'm trying to fill up the freezer to make things easier for my family.  

My sister will be with Tod  and his family for the surgery itself and the first week.  I'll be going for the second week.


We're looking forward to the SuperBowl on Sunday.  Dh requested Super Nachos as one of the dishes.  We're looking forward to rooting for the Saints.  Mostly, I think we're looking forward to relaxing and not thinking about all the other stuff going on.  


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  1. Dear Sara,
    Sending prayer for you and your brother.
    I love cooking too and crafting.
    I have enjoyed looking around your blog. You have lots of lovely posts to sahre.
    Thank you have a great week
    God Bless

  2. God bless you babe, your plate is full, good thing there's always room for Nachos!

    I'll remember your family this week.

    and thanks for the superbowl invite!

  3. I think spending time in front of the fire with Jesus sounds great! Very inviting.

  4. Sara, praying for your family this week. My brother lives outside of Savannah and he also remarked on the rain. They are dealing with flooding issues also.
    God Bless,

  5. Hi Sara, you sound like much is on your mind. I said a quick prayer for your brother...

    Stopped by from Conversion Diary. You have a lovely blog.


  6. my meditation this morning was all about how even when Jesus was exhausted and resting he still converted the Samaritan woman. i need to work on productive, formative, loving leisure time too. love you :)


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