Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes


My brother is in surgery today.  Lot's of praying going on for him!


Started the day early with prayers for my brother, and then last minute details for the spelling bee today.  We had to get all our paperwork, directions, a photograph together.  I had to go to Target when it opened to buy ink for the printer!

There were only 4 kids at this homeschool spell-off and we had no idea what the competition would be like.  TMax was very well prepared and won it, so now we move on to District in a couple of weeks where there will be about 50 spellers.  If he wins that, it's on to State and then Nationals in Washington, DC.  I'm not getting my hopes up about any of it because I'm learning how incredibly intense (and difficult) the competition is.


We waiting anxiously for snow here, today.  We could get 1/2" or 4"!  That would be nice.  I know it's nothing compared to what some people have been getting, but we would like it!


I still haven't decided what I'm knitting for the Olympics.  As soon as I finish this I'm going to go downstairs and make a decision.


And then I'm going to do laundry and start PW's cinnamon rolls for our pro-Life bake sale at church and a king cake for Mardi Gras.


I'm going to do some more cooking for the family, too, since I'm planning to leave next Thursday to go be with my brother.  That's just around the corner!  Along with Lent!  


No hyper-links today.  I'm trying to get this done with icy-cold fingers and chat w/ my sister on FB at the same time.




  1. Have a great weekend. Praying for your brother.

    I decided to knit a shawl -- I should be the first one to finish during the next winter Olypmics!

  2. hubby's king cake came out very good!! and we had a blast with the beads!!



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