Monday, February 1, 2010


The Little Princess Cardigan.

But I can't show you because, for some strange reason, when I go to upload the photos they don't appear in iphoto.

If I open iphoto alone, they are there in the folder where I put them.  But not if I try to add a photo to my blog. 

Weird.  If you can help, I'm all ears.

Amazingly enough, though, the sleeves turned out great even though I frogged 1/3 of them, down to where the shoulder shaping began, and made them larger.  Not knowing a single thing about writing a pattern and very little about gauge, I just guessed at how many stitches I would need to increase to get the right size.  I guess I guessed right since they're perfect---not too long and not too short.  And they fit into the armholes nicely.

I'm sad I didn't add another cable repeat or two to the body since it's only just long enough.  I don't have any hope that she won't grow in the next year. 

I'm glad to have that one checked off my list----and I started KT's socks yesterday.  I'm thinking of making them pedicure socks (makes my job easier!).  What do you want KT?  Toes or Pedis?


  1. What are pedicure socks? That's not a term I've every heard before ...

  2. Pedicure socks don't have toes, so your feet can stay warm-ish after you polish your nails! Sort of like fingerless mitts for feet.

  3. hahaha i just made my own pedicure socks this weekend by cutting the toes off a holey pair i had. so i would like a knit pair of regular socks. (sorry for the extra work! :)

  4. oh you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

    it looks fabulous on her!


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