Sunday, April 19, 2009

Divine Mercy Sunday

I spent a wonderful 5+ hours at church today: 10:30 Mass with the choir, then cantoring the noon Mass, and then a 1-hour talk about Divine Mercy by Sister Grace Kelly of the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, followed by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Sister Grace gave a talk at each Mass that was an introduction to her longer talk at 1:30. She was very inspirational.

It was an amazing day. Inspired by Sister Grace and the always inspirational ladies at Catholic Cuisine, I came up with this for dessert:

I just used the shortcake recipe from my BH&G cookbook, doubled it, and made a square and circle. I cut the circle in half to make the heart. Then I covered the seams with the blood and water pouring from Jesus's heart----strawberry syrup made from berries we picked last summer, and blue whipped cream. And it tasted wonderful, too, just like Jesus's sweet mercy!

Like the gospel command, "Be merciful, just as your Father
is merciful," this demand that we show mercy to our
neighbors "always and everywhere" seems impossible to
fulfill. But the Lord assures us that it is possible. "When a
soul approaches Me with trust," He explains, "I fill it with such
an abundance of graces that it cannot contain them within
itself, but radiates them to other souls" (Diary, 1074).


  1. Now that cake is awesome!!!! thank you for sharing! - now if only i could rmbr all these great idea-rs for next yr!! LOL

  2. [oh yeah - and those sisters were at our parish in the fall - aren't they wonderful!!!]

  3. sister grace kelly, what an awesome name. lol

  4. Your cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!!


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