Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Last night was our adorable homeschool production of St. George and the Dragon. It was an opera written by a member of the parish. Every word of it was sung and it was just adorable. Did I say that already? All the kids performed admirably considering how scary singing in front of an audience can be! The 3 most important characters, the dragon, Christiana (who has to be sacrificed to the dragon), and St. George (yes, the Pipster) all did a great job. It was so charming and fun. So, I don't have an adorable dragon cake to show you, but I have St. George:

  2. Another super-busy day today---sewing costumes this morning, rehearsal after lunch, piano practice immediately after rehearsal, dropping TMax off at the church again for a BSA camping trip, and then off to Webelos. I think we'll have time to stop by the house for a quick, quick dinner.

  3. Piano practice is an extra session at TMax's teacher's house because he is performing an 8-hand (!) piece called "Legend of the Phoenix" for the recital next month. So, he and the other 3 pianists are meeting Fridays at her house to practice it since she has 2 pianos in the same room. Oh, and just to be clear, this is just a random YouTube video, not my son and his friends.

  4. I'm looking forward to starting my garden this weekend! Tomorrow is the big build-out day with volunteers building the raised beds and filling them with dirt. Then I can plant the many seedlings I have here at home that are bursting out of their pots.

  5. One of my new favorite blogs/resources is Kelly the Kitchen Kop. If you're interested in eating as healthfully as possible, she has a lot of good information. One caution, though: she is not politically correct (as she says). You will not find the usual food-pyramid type advice here. You'll find the wacky stuff that I believe in like raw milk and good saturated fats. But's she's got the research linked for you!

  6. Dh is taking a bunch of boys to a Columbian Squires event tomorrow. I'm not sure how many of mine are going. I think they may be staying here for other activities. But if he takes them all, I may another quiet day with just my little princess. Keeping my fingers crossed....

  7. Have a great weekend! I am really looking forward to it, myself!

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  1. Oh!! Your little St. George is perfect!! I love his costume! What fun to have an opera in honor of the feast!!


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