Thursday, March 27, 2014

PHFR Spring

round button chicken


The owners of this house are lucky enough to have THREE Cherry trees in their yard, and I'm lucky enough to drive past them every time I leave or come home. My favorite couple of weeks of the year is when they're in bloom.


These two kids are very happy together, and they looked great for their senior prom last weekend! Starting tonight, they're in their final drama production of their high school careers--Cats. I can't wait to see it; it sounds like its going to be fantastic. I'm happy for them, and sad at the same time because another one is getting ready to leave my nest.


Lots of people were mortified on FB that Pip wanted something more exciting for target practice than a target, or an apple. If it upsets you, you'll be happy to know that the arrows all bounced off this well-stuffed teddy!


One of my least favorite parts of spring---where people whack off the their flowering trees to such an unnatural degree that they look awful. I'm not sure what kind this is, but it started to flower, and, of course, there's not much to see. It will be the end of summer before it has acquired a half-decent shape, and just before it blooms again, they'll whack it off to nothing. I'm not a landscaper nor an arborist, but I think God probably had something better in mind!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I really has to chuckle about the VW in the first picture! So cute! As for the Etsy name... I think now you can change it as many times as you least that option seems to be available every time I go to my account.

  2. You have EARLY prom. And a handsome boy. ;-)

    1. Graduation is in mid-May, so maybe that's why prom is so early. I guess your graduation/end-of-school is mid-June, isn't it?

  3. Our graduation is May 30 and prom is end of April or early May. Maybe you have more schools and they have to spread the season to allow for space rental, our prom is at the school with dinner at the school so the space is available.

  4. The people who probably wack their trees have allergies,. lol. And poor PIP!

  5. Oh I loved the senior year and all the festivities and the "lasts". We had fun going to concerts and plays!! Enjoy the last few months ahead :)


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