Thursday, March 6, 2014

2nd Day of Lent

Methinks it will be a long Lent if I count each day! It's only the 2nd day and I'm not doing as well as I would like, but I think we're "ready" now.  ;-)  Lent is like Christmas, it comes whether you're ready or not. Thanks to all those dedicated bloggers, I got lots of new (and old) Lenten ideas at the last minute.'s what's up in our house:

I made the annual calendar using Jessica's download.  She's amazing.  It would take me way too many hours to put together all those graphics! And she's super-sweet to share with the world, too. I made my poster re-usable by not putting dates on it, and I didn't permanently glue down St. Patrick's, St. Joseph, and the Annunciation.  Everything else stays the same because Lent always starts on a Wednesday.  That's one good thing about it!

The routine is, usually, to do a Bible reading for the "Jesus Tree" but we haven't gotten there yet.  The box with the foam cutouts is on the table. Waiting. We have decided to pray a whole rosary (instead of just a decade) together after dinner, which we've done twice.  woot!  But I found this really cool method for memorizing scripture via Elizabeth Foss, which we haven't done yet. I simply forgot about it tonight. Maybe tomorrow, but tomorrow is the first Fish Fry....and the plans go awry...but I promise we will get to it because I have wanted my kids to memorize scripture for years and we just haven't been good at it.

The vase is full of ideas to liven up our days if we're weary of the same old sacrifice day in and day out.  There's another great list here, if you still need some ideas.  I think these come in really handy when someone has...say...a birthday party to attend, and that sacrifice of sweets for Lent is suddenly too much to bear.  

I haven't intentionally given up any food for Lent, just for my 50 for 50 Diet.  However, I just realized I have to give up nightshades, too.  I guess that will have to be part of my Lenten fast!

I'm in more of the Do Something for Lent camp, this year. Meg, Pip, and I are listening to the New Testament in the car on the way to school.  I love it.   We will get through far more than the Gospels this year, and we will just start Matthew again when we're done with Revelation. 

I also signed up for the Lenten reflections through Flocknote.  I forgot that I also signed up for Fr. Robert Barron's reflections, too!  So, I'm reflecting a lot, in addition to the spiritual books I want to read. 

It looks as though I have also given up pants for Lent, taking the SkirtUp Challenge.  I enjoy wearing skirts, and I have quite a few, but it may get difficult at some point.  Like when I'm stripping wallpaper off the bathroom walls next week.  I think I need a denim skirt.

Is your Lent off to a good start?  Or have you, like me, bitten off more than you can chew and you're already trying to decide what to keep and what to let go?


  1. I wanted to do the skirt up challenge too, but I couldn't find a denim maternity skirt that wasn't just a strip of fabric or $50! One thing I thought about modifying it too was to wear most skirts especially when going out. So around the house you could strip wall paper in baggy sweats, but wear a skirt when you go to buy the wallpaper!

  2. I love the vase idea! I don't think it's too late to start, right?


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