Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is it Wednesday Already?

We're really confused down here in the south where Winter Storm Pax is making life difficult!  School was shut down yesterday, which turned out to be unnecessary, but hindsight is 20/20.  And we're still a little gun-shy...snow-shy...after the traffic nightmare of the century.  Anyway, I was a little surprised to find out that today is Wednesday and Yarn Along day!

I haven't gotten as much knitting done as I would like since I spent too long untangling a new skein.  (How does that happen???) I've also been supervising schoolwork which doesn't stop when you're a homeschooler.  And, the really fun activity of the day, walking the dog who needs to do his business, but doesn't like the icy, poky grass or the sleet coming down, so he won't do it, and then you have to take him out again when he realizes he didn't finish.  

I've been working on my Color Affection for the Ravellenic Games, but not making much progress since I had to rip it all out and start again because my gauge was way off.  But I'll get there!

I also wound up that new skein today to make a scarf.  It's undyed baby alpaca and feels like heaven.  I'm loving how the color changes!

And then, there's my Drop Stitch scarf which, even though it is a scarf, makes me think that summer may, actually, come again.  Someday.

Books?  Not much reading.  I have 2 books available on Overdrive that I would like to start while I knit, but I don't want to spend the day listening to a book, killing my phone battery, so that when the power goes out (as they say it very likely will), I'll be out of touch with the world.

It's been several hours since I started writing, and it has been sleeting heavily for most of that time.  Please pray for all those affected by this ice storm.  We're going to lose a lot of trees and a lot of power.  I can live without power for a few days, but trees falling on houses is worse.


  1. I love ALL the colors here. The blues, especially, because I love blue, but that baby alpaca...I agree the changes are beautiful. I bet in person it's even lovelier.

  2. we're getting the snow today! they say sleet will come soon. i love your yarn colors and your scarf. i hope you share more of your color affection as it progresses. i had to smile when you wrote about having to take the dog out for a second time because he doesn't like to walk in the cold, wet weather. we juggle dog and cat care and homeschooling here in nyc also. take care. it was nice to see your yarn work :)

  3. That alpaca looks so soft! I like the colors you chose for Color Affections. That was such a fun project and one that I use all the time.

  4. The drop stitch scarf look so cozy! Hope you are staying warm!

  5. ok, I give... explain Overdrive to me.... I went to the website - but really, I'm low on brain cells today.


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