Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes -- From Barf to Buckhead


There's nothing like working at the computer, and then getting up for a stretch and going to scratch the dog's belly, only, instead of the dog, you find a puddle (or two) of barf in his favorite chair.  Said barf is also dripping down the front of your pale, pink chair onto the carpet.



Once he adopted that chair as his, I started covering it with a drop cloth to keep it from getting too soiled, but that came to an end when he started eating it.  What do you do with a dog that insists on eating any bedding you give him?  


This is breaking my heart. I sometimes think about moving to where things are better (in my little world, that equals less traffic!), but it would involve uprooting the family and leaving our friends to go somewhere new.  But we'd still stay in our country.  The Christians in the Middle East have to leave everything---family, friends, country, their entire history, behind in order to escape.  Heartbreaking.


This is what I read this morning from St. Teresa of Avila.  I couldn't help but think of #3.
Alas, Lord, who is it that has dared to make this petition in the name of all? What a poor mediator am I, my daughters, to gain a hearing for you and to present your petition! When this Sovereign Judge sees how bold I am it may well move Him to anger, as would be both right and just. But behold, Lord, Thou are a God of mercy; have mercy upon this poor sinner, this miserable worm who is so bold with Thee. Behold my desires, my God, and the tears with which I beg this of Thee; forget my deeds, for Thy name's sake, and have pity upon all these souls who are being lost, and help Thy Church.  Do not permit more harm to be wrought to Christendom, Lord; give light to this darkness.


One space or two?  After a period, that is. Which camp are you in?  I'm shocked by the people who say two spaces are downright ugly!  It's just a tiny, white can it be ugly? Chicago Manual of Style Online is not very helpful, but very firm.  Slate is unequivocally against the extra space.  Wikipedia, at least, explains the history and politely states that we don't need the extra space.  I don't know about you, but I've been typing and hitting that space bar twice for, at least, 35 years. (Just did it again) (Gah!) Old habits are really hard to break! (Urg!) I think one of these snarky, young, know-it-alls should just get AutoCorrect to delete the extra spaces.  It's that simple.


I never showed you these pictures of cute Meg with her two favorite birthday presents:
Jumping up and down in her coral (uh, orange) crocheted Toms.

Utterly amazed and delighted by Duck Tape.  Go figure.  ;-)


Apropos of nothing, this is just a cool shot in Buckhead  of a rather unusual building reflected onto another.  

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The dog sounds like a handful! Duct tape is the best present ever!!!

  2. One space. This is six years of graphic design training talking here. In a world of digital typesetting, the computer compensates for your period with a bit of an extra space. When you add in another space you're undoing the work of countless hours by the he font designer and leaving white "puddles" all over your work. Sorry Charlie... Gotta be one space. Happy BD sweet girl!


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