Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes on Apps


In the wee hours this morning at Adoration, I had the idea of blogging my 7 favorite apps today. You know how it is----God didn't really mean that.  It was just my lame idea.---But I haven't come up with anything better, so, here you go....cheating and all, since now I have only 6 takes left.  ;-)


The Confession app.  I like the very thorough examination of conscience, and the fact that multiple users can sign in.  You put your age and vocation in the profile, so my 12 yo daughter doesn't get the same questions as her married mother!


Divine Mercy app by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.  It even has Fr. Michael Gaitley praying the Divine Mercy chaplet which is very listenable and prayable, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes apps you pray with are awkward for you to use---too slow, too fast, strange accent.  


The Mary app.  Same guys.  What's not to love?


Etsy.  I love Etsy, and I just love scrolling through the stuff that's available on there, sometimes.


The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.  I've told you about this.  I still love this thing.  The latest update also tracks my steps---if I carry my phone with me constantly and let it drain my battery.  ;-)  I don't really need that info; I just love the way it wakes me up.


My Mobile banking app. (I won't give you the name; you have to get your own. :-) Wow.  I used to go to the bank, which is close, but never convenient to my day, and make deposits or transfer money into the college kids' accounts, but now I can do those things AT HOME.  In MY CAR. In MY BED.  WHEREVER I AM!  In seconds.  Boom!  Done!    This particular app has flaws that people don't like, but it does what I need done, so I'm happy.


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