Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is it Spring?

round button chicken


That's not the prettiest picture, but we are very {happy} to see the redbud trees in bloom!  They just burst into bloom when the temps got up to 70 for a couple of days.  I saw daffodils, too!  It looks like spring here, even if we're still having cooler temps.  I can almost believe that winter is over, even though folks farther north can't say the same thing.

 Do you see those green shoots coming up?  That's garlic that I asked one of my sons (who shall remain nameless) to plant in the fall.

Right now, there are just bare sticks next to it, but do you notice what's funny about it?  They are behind (as in between the bush and the house) the Knock-Out Roses.  If you click that link, you'll see that in the summer, my garlic won't get any sun!  

Why did we plant it there, you ask?  Well, we didn't...although I guess I have to take the blame for it.  I asked him to plant the bulbs "behind the rose bush."  See that empty space down there, where the barrel is?  That's where I wanted them to go.

Oh, you want to know about the plywood barrel?  It's a leftover prop from a long-ago escape from Mirkwood forest when our homeschool group performed The Hobbit.  Don't ask why it's outside; I don't even know anymore.

 I was imagining that he would stand here ^, in front of the house, and plant the garlic on the other side of the roses.  I never dreamed that he would, yes, wonder why I wanted them behind a bush where they won't get sun, and still proceed to plant them there!

(Eventually, all those sticks will be roses and hydrangeas.)

My heart aches this morning for a little boy who was struck by a car as he crossed a very busy intersection on his way to school.  He was on his motorized scooter when he was hit by a car turning left.  I have no doubt that the sun was in the driver's eyes, but, praise God, the boy was able to get up on his own and stagger to the median where good Samaritans were already there to help him.  
I don't know yet if he's one of our students or one that attends the school we share space with.  Not that it matters; I've been praying for him all morning, and for all the children who have to be out on these dangerous streets.  I hope you'll join me.


  1. Now I want to watch 7 Brides!!

    Prayers to that poor boy. How terrible.

    1. The boy is going to be fine---he's just bruised up. Thank God!

      I can watch 7 Brides every day.

  2. We just watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers a few weeks ago. The boys loved it.
    The garlic, behind the rosebush. Hehe.
    Also, praying for the little boy.
    Stopping by from LMLD

  3. This makes me SOO HAPPY!!! (we're supposed to get another 12+ inches this weekend!) so knowing that there is spring close by? <3 thank you!

    1. I hope your spring *is* close by! In the movie, it was May. :-/


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