Thursday, October 10, 2013


round button chicken
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One of the few perks of getting out on the road before dawn is that you get to see some awesome sunrises while sitting at traffic lights!  This was a particularly pretty morning.  Don't you love the 'caption' at the bottom of the photo----"WE BUY GOLD"?

This yarn is also pretty---more than pretty; it's stunning.  I love the colors, but I'm kind of regretting the pattern I chose.  I like the pattern, but not with the yarn which is merino and silk.  It's super-soft and silky, and it has a sheen (can you see it in the ball?) that is totally lost with the garter stitch.  Kind of sad about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to rip it out and start again. 

Last week I was reading Divergent, and pretty much immediately ordered the 2nd book in the trilogy, Insurgent.  I read this one in less than 24 hours.  Another YA post-apocalyptic distopian society, but I found it intriguing that one would organize a society based on virtues.  I'm glad that the 3rd book comes out this month, so I don't have to wait a year to find out how it ends!

She finished her first big research paper with accompanying display without pulling an all-nighter!  Kudos to her awesome teacher for spreading out the work and giving them a good lesson in doing a big project like this.
Haha!  Self-explanatory.  But the next one is not:
We were at a cross-country meet east of Atlanta, and there were giant bird tracks next to hoof prints.  I should have put a coin on the ground so you could see the size of these.  They were not quite as big as my hand, but larger than any I've seen before.   I could just imagine an unsuspecting rider enjoying the morning with pterodactyls silently following behind!  
Maybe they belong to a crane or a blue heron, but we weren't near water, so I didn't expect to see such large tracks in a field.  What do you think?
It may not look like much to you, but a neat garage that we can walk through, and makes room for dh to park his car, is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
At least until it gets messed up again!


  1. I really like the colors in your Hitchhiker yarn; maybe you'll like it better when its silky softness is draped around your neck? If not, feel free to send it to me!
    As for the bird tracks, ibis have giant tracks like those, but like you said, you wouldn't expect to see them away from water. Stay away from the pterodactyls!

    1. I think you're right; it will be lovely draped around my neck. I searched for other possibilities on Ravelry, and didn't see anything else that really caught my eye.

  2. Sara, I love the "outside" poster. I find my daughter is a much nicer child to deal with on the days that I make sure she plays outside.

    1. I think we all feel better when we, and they, play outside!

  3. We need to work on our garage. This summer we painted some bedrooms and made some loft beds and the garage became a dumping place during the redo. I also need to sort clothes buckets...UGH.
    Big Family Small Farm

    1. Sometimes it gets to be a mess so slowly. My craft room is like that---it gets to be the dumping ground if I'm not very careful!

  4. I have been wondering about Divergent! My teens read it and they are really good about not finishing anything trashy, lol, so I have been thinking of reading it. At least so I can understand some of the references they keep making!!

    I love the outdoor picture. I laughed so hard and shared it on facebook!

    Oh a neat garage! People really park their cars in the garage? Fascinating! I haven't done that in years... possibly ever! Every time I think I have cleaned it out, something happens, like storing things for someone, or planning a garage sale, or what not. It never lasts. I hope yours does!!


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