Thursday, May 3, 2012



We went to an International Festival on Confirmation weekend where Meg got a henna tattoo.  That took 5 minutes and cost $5.  I think the Henna lady was probably raking in the dough more than anyone else at the fair!   She had a steady flow of people in line.  

If you've never had one, that is a pic right after we came home with the "paint" still on (it was like painting with fabric paint).  When it was dry and crusty, she washed it all off and we were disappointed to see that it was very light, too light, on her skin.  Amazingly, it darkened up overnight and then lasted a couple of weeks.  

Someone loves his puppy dog and took lots of pics of him in the backyard.  The first one is this morning as Gus is happily licking the peanut butter out of his Kong.

One HOT day before the pool opened, Meg and Pip made themselves each a small pool.  He has mad spitting skillz!

"Nosey" strawberries from our organic farmer.  And, no, I don't know why he's wearing gloves in this picture.

This is from the day we went to see Brendan give his Honor's presentation.  They were very sweet giving hugs to each other, but he wouldn't let me take a real picture.  That Anti-Photo thing is obviously a genetic trait that he got from his dad.  I can take 25 pics and probably not get a single normal face, unless he's in a really cooperative mood and works for it!  So you'll never know how handsome they both are.  

Have YOU captured any contentment this week?  Or in...ahem...past weeks?  Join the fun at Like Mother Like Daughter!

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  1. Love the henna tatoo! How long has it lasted?


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