Monday, May 14, 2012

Gus the Vermin Hunter

Gus is supposedly a mix of Pug and West Highland Terrier.  Or he's a Border Terrier.  Or he's a Cairn Terrier.  Whatever else he is, he is a Vermin Hunter.

The other morning he spotted a little spider halfway across the room....
Resting on my sleeping mats for the homeless that I was finishing.

Playing with his still-wriggling prey

It's under his left paw.

Deciding how to play with it next.
After he catches it, he tosses it around and pats it with his paws before he eats it.  Yum.

The next day, Katie said there was a huge cockroach downstairs (Don't judge.  This is Georgia, folks!), so we sent him down after it.  Apparently, there was quite a chase scene, which I missed, but Gus the Vermin Hunter prevailed and left the roach in 3 pieces on the floor.

I wish I could send him up to the attic to catch whatever lives up there!


  1. I need Gus in my garden but my guess is the plants wouldn't fare very well. Dang chipmunks take one bite of every ripe strawberry!

    I need a cat!

  2. I need Gus also. I hate spiders.


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