Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm spending too much time on the computer this morning as I continue to unwind from last night's American Heritage Girls Court of Honor.  It was awesome, and beautifully planned (by someone else!), exciting for the girls, and just exhausting.  

My baby got braces on her top teeth this week.  She was so excited about it...for months leading up to it...and so proud to show her friends.  The next day, when a sore mouth and hunger clashed, she was not so thrilled.  :-(
What a cutie!

Truly awesome article in the National Catholic Register by blogger Simcha Fischer about What We Should Tell Our Kids About Sex.  If you have kids, or you're struggling with this issue, you should click over and read it.  Really.  It would be great if I had known some of this stuff as a teen other than the nebulous "wait for marriage" idea that I somehow grasped out of thin air.  I can't remember ever having a conversation with my mom about it

Another great article, if a little old and dusty, that's worth clicking over for, from First Things about Schooling at Home.  This is a nice look at what homeschooling can look like.  At our house, it's still a bit too check-off-each-subject oriented, but I've tried to move to a model more like this in recent years.  

Knitting.  I really should be knitting.  Deadline looming tomorrow, but I have all afternoon (she said, hopefully), and then 2 hours at trivia tonight.  I took a much-needed break yesterday from the stress and sat in the car knitting (and occasionally tweeting) while waiting for Tom to get out of school.  I had an hour and a half which I could have spent driving home and back, or just sitting and praying while knitting.  I think I chose the better option.

On Twitter this week---I'm following Cardinal Timothy Dolan.  He pretty much rocks.  Loved his tweet quoting St. Augustine that if you want to be a saint, be grateful.  So, I'm working on being grateful.  If only it were that easy!

Looks like this is going to be The Summer of Movies since our bored College Boy got a job at a movie theater.  So the whole family scores free movie tickets!  Dh and I are totally psyched.  We might make back the money spent on his uniform pants and shoes, but I don't think we'll get as high as high school tuition.  Not in one summer, anyway.  We don't have that much free time.  Keeping my fingers crossed that there are that many good movies to see----OTOH, if we're not paying, we can afford to see the less good ones!  And see the good ones twice!  

Does that make sense?  Can you tell we're excited? 
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