Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Mondays

As old as I am, with 6 children ages 21 on down, you'd think by now that I'd stop expecting summer to be about me and doing whatever I want.  Yet every morning I awaken to the possibilites of another Summer Day, and am quickly crushed by the realization that I have Things to Do.  Oh, sure, there's a bit more time to play around on the internet and read decorator blogs.  There are the occasional trips to the pool where I get to read and listen to my ipod.  There are also lots and lots of drives to take young people places.  Those are what break up my day the most and keep me from getting too deeply into any activity.

Today's focus, however, will be Laundry since it was sadly neglected all weekend.  I've let Pete take the car to his Day Camp Counselor job today and I'll be free to do lots of laundry and AHG computer work!  The bonus there is that while I'm folding, I can watch Monarch of the Glen, my new favorite show from BBC/Scotland on Netflix.  It's basically a Scottish Soap Opera set in a  penniless Scottish estate instead of a hospital and the handsome young laird is trying to save the ancestral home from the bank.  It's a lot of fun:  great accents (you have to turn it up Really Loud to understand them!), men in kilts, quirky ancient ceremonies and people, and romance.  (And yes, I did mean Quirky Ancient People.)

Between episodes of folding, I also have to remember that there are schoolbooks to be sold; schoolbooks to be purchased; papers to grade (yikes!); grades to enter (double-yikes!!); and lessons to plan for the coming year.

What are you doing with your summer days?

Have you seen Monarch?  I'm betting no one here has.....

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