Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Daybook

Outside my window...
...Sunny and HOT.  I don't remember June ever being this hot before!  Normally, at the first few swim meets it's chilly and we're wearing sweatshirts when the sun goes down.  Now it's blazing and the beginning and barely tolerable at the end!

I am thinking...
...about how there's yard work to be done and I do not want to go out in the heat to do it.  I think I have to go out at 6 a.m.   Or I can continue to ignore it since it's around the side and back of the house which I never see.

I am thankful for...
...swim team, summer jobs, sunshine (even though it's HOT!), lemonade,  a supportive husband, freckles on tanned noses, family laughter, a newly repaired icemaker (keeping my fingers crossed). Katie home from her London excursion, and that she got to go!

From the schoolroom kitchen table...
...We're still doing a little work because we had so much time off with all the graduations and AHG stuff.  It was not a good May in terms of school!  I try to get them to do some reading and math every day.  Once swim team is over it will be easier to do it in the mornings.

From the kitchen...
...Ugh.  Kitchen in summer.  Not my favorite place.  I have not perfected the art of easy, light, summer meals.

I am creating...
...Socks.  But that present tense "am" is the problem there.  I haven't touched the socks in a week or more!  Finished one, still gearing up for the second.
...a Cowl.  It's almost done.  I'm on the ribbing and then I'll block it.  Maybe it will be done for tomorrow.

I am reading...
...Water for Elephants...It's a love/hate thing with this book which I'm reading for book club.  I am into it though and don't want to put it down, so I guess that's an overall positive comment.
...The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest.  Loving this book!  I had new interest for it this week since he is imprisoned in the Tower of London being tortured, and Katie brought back photos from London of the Tower.
All those people are gathered around the monuement where the executions took  place.
...Confessions of a Prairie B@*$#....Will start as soon as I finish Water for Elephants.  I'm sure it will be another eye-opener like Melissa Gilbert's autobiography.

I am hearing...
...The dishwasher being emptied.  The 2 youngest are up for swim team.   

Around the house...
...We haven't been doing much around the house, but it's time.  I see lots of painting in my future.  The whole basement needs to be repainted.  By me.  The main floor needs to be repainted.  By a Professional.  There's a new (Old!) dresser to be repainted for my bathroom.  And there's still a ton of reorganizing and tossing to be done in the basement for Katie's new digs.

I am going... run lots of errands this week and take children places.  That never seems to end.

One of my favorite things...
...Having all of my children in the same house.  It's loud, chaotic, complicated, and wonderful.  Just a few more days, though.

I am praying for...
...The Joplin survivors
...The conversion of souls
...A few people with cancer
...the recently deceased and their poor families
...our priests

A few plans for the rest of the week...

...Choir tonight, AHG paperwork today, Swim Meet (where I do NOT have to work this week!  Yay for a week off!), maybe the Blairsville Highland Games this weekend.

A  Picture Thought for the day...

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  1. Such a busy mama! Stop and get an iced coffee while you're out running around.

  2. I’m ignoring the yardwork too. :-) Maybe tomorrow. Definitely is hot at any time of the day.

    I love having my children all home at the same time too. But it doesn’t happen very often anymore. My oldest just graduated from college and is getting married in August.

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook. I’m visiting around this morning.

  3. I really like the list of things you're thankful for!


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