Thursday, April 2, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


OMG, TGIF!!! Actually, since I'm starting this Thursday night, TGIT! It has been the looooongest week. Starting with homeschooling in the auto mechanic's living room on Monday. I took my car in for routine maintenance and had to wait for it since dh was visiting the U. of Alabama with Hitch. They have a lovely "living room" for a waiting area and they're sort of used to my camping out and homeschooling my children when we have to wait. It's a shop owned by a nice Christian couple.


While I was there, dh called because his car had broken down on the road and he had to rent a car to make the trip to 'Bama. So I spent some time on the phone back and forth with the insurance company and the mechanic to decide to have it towed to our trusty mechanic. They had it most of the day Monday and all of Tuesday and couldn't figure out the problem (because it's a Volvo and part of the problem was computer related which they can't fix.) So we had to pick it up that night and limp to the Volvo place a mile away.


Volvo knew what the problem was and it took 2 tries to get it fixed properly. They tried the bandaid approach first, but it broke down again the next day (Thursday). Thank goodness dh hadn't gotten on the highway and was, again, able to limp to the Volvo place. Today they gave it a new throttle and she's good to go. She's worth a lot more now, too. I hope.


While all this has been going on, I've naturally been doing all my normal driving, plus all of dh's driving. To and from school. To and from the Marta station. To and from the mechanics. It's all been good. Worked out schedule-wise. It's just been a LOT of hours in the car all week.


Finally, Thursday afternoon I was able to take him to pick up his better-be-good-as-new car and go to American Heritage Girls. The meeting was good; the Board members got some important stuff done; and it was over early! Wahoowa! I can't tell you how happy I was to get home to a dinner I didn't cook and know that tomorrow today is Friday and I don't have co-op. Or anything. Except maybe a beautiful, relaxing, refreshing First Friday Mass and some time in the sun at the park! It feels so good.


Our city has started a community garden for the first time ever and I scored a plot. A nice little 4x10 foot garden with sunshine and built-in water! Maybe tomorrow we can plant our little seeds so we'll have some seedlings by the end of the month when the official start day is. Right now my plan is to drive over every morning (as needed) during the summer when I drop Little Princess at swim team practice. I'm hoping it does well, but not so well that I'm overwhelmed by keeping up with it and harvesting too many veggies. I'll have to learn to can if it does well.


2 extra hours of sleep is a beautiful thing after a long week. The drawback is that I missed spending time with my sweet husband this morning. We did get lots of extra time together this week in the car and on the phone! Yesterday he worked from home and it was nice having him around.

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  1. Congratulations on the plot!! What are you going to plant?


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