Friday, February 15, 2013

Lenten Quick Takes (Sort of)


All the free time I had in January seems to have evaporated in February, so all the blog posts in my head probably won't get written.  I might have to just blog once a week, and make them each a quick take!


The Holy Father is on my mind and heart, and in my prayers a lot this week.  I don't know if it's the fact that the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes was Monday, and I wanted to watch The Song of Bernadette, but I keep thinking about how the Fr. Peyramale told her she would not be able to have a normal life, but would have to join the convent.  No matter how much the Pope may have wanted to retire to his home in Germany, he can't have a normal life either.  There is nowhere for a former pope, but a monastery and a life of prayer.  

I bought the movie on Monday, and watched most of it yesterday.  That scene breaks my heart, and you see hers breaking, as Father tells her what she must do.  And then when she says good-bye to Antoine, she is so at peace, though the rest of us may be sobbing, and I pray that good Papa Benny is at peace as well.


I'm still listening to The Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers on CD.  I'll probably finish it today and be waiting anxiously for The Return of the King to arrive at the library!  I think about the kind of person Frodo is (or was) at the beginning of the story----just like the rest of us (okay, maybe we're not ALL Country Gentlemen!), living his quiet life, interested in a little adventure, but not too much.  Suddenly, he finds himself on this Perilous Quest with an impossible task to do.  Despite the hardships, he keeps putting one foot in front of the other, expecting to be captured or killed at any moment, and the way forward is gradually revealed.  In the end, he can't fulfill his task without the help of others, but it always arrives just in time.  

It's an interesting Lenten read as Frodo travels his own Via Crucis, and sacrifices himself utterly for the rest of the Middle Earth.  And how often are we given tasks to do in our own lives that are quite beyond our capabilities, but we go forward in faith that if God has given the job to do, He will also provide the necessary help---not too soon, but just in time?  There's so much to think about!


On a lighter note....I've been meaning to share this video for all the Downton Abbey fans out there.  Or if you're just a Sesame Street fan.  The Dowager Countess looks just like her muppet!  They did a great job on her.


We haven't been talking about D.A. here.  Have you been watching?  I love watching everything unfold, but I don't long for it during the week because I know how it all ends this week.  :-(  I am completely miffed that on another blog where we were discussing the most recent episode, someone spilled the beans about the end of the season.  I mean, really, couldn't she just stick to that particular episode instead of ruining it for all of us?  

Sometimes Julian Fellows just ticks me off!  I don't know why he does some of the things he does.  I do know about the upcoming final episode, but I don't know why he killed Sybil; she was one of the most charming parts of the show---at least until she got married and became Tom's doormat.  Do you like what's happening?


Fish Frys (Fries?).  Yay or nay?  Do you do Fish Fry's?  Do you like the food?  My menfolk work  at them, and it's such a penance.  They work really hard for hours.  I don't care for the food---and that's putting it mildly.  I think tonight, I'll do the Stations of the Cross, skip the food, and start a new knitting project.


I'm done.  Now it's your turn for the 7th Quick Take.  Tell me what you're up to this weekend, or what you're knitting, watching, or reading!  


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  1. I hope it wasn't me who spilled the beans. When everyone was talking about the tragic episode with Sybil I thought it was the tragic event this Sunday. Only because I saw Julian spoil it on a preview show. Then I was stunned that it was Sybil! I don't understand why the "departures" have to be so tragic. Sybil could have died in Ireland. Why did we have to experience it? I am not happy with this season. I'm almost sorry I started watching.

    We don't do fish fries. Because we have no good ones. The food is awful. No fresh fish. :-(

  2. 7. Or doing laundry or cleaning?

    That's too bad that someone spoiled it for everyone!! I accidentally saw pictures of the end, when looking for images for my blog post on it a few weeks ago dang it anyway!! I keep thinking about the end, when I watch now. I only know one thing I guess, so I'm sure there are other things, right? Who knows maybe that one thing just looks like it in the very end and it isnt' really true for next season?

    There are a lot of fish fries around our town, lots of Catholic churches, but we don't husband usually wants to try to get to one our parish cluster does. Our church actually does a "stations and soup" every Thursday. They do stations and serve a soup supper afterward. I've always wanted to try that...but soup and kids away from home...on folding chairs....I can just see the tragedies to happen. I don't like the pig out attitude of fish un-lenten.

    I love Song of Bernadette.

    1. Stations and Soup sounds great to me. There is a lot of food at the fish fry.

  3. #7: Reading "Bread and Wine" which is a Lenten devotional book put out by Orbis Books as well as "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lammott which is making me uncomfortable in a good way.

    Crocheting squares for a stained glass afghan to be auctioned off eventually for one of my orphans.

    Blogging about church music and finishing the posts on Proverbs 31.


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