Thursday, April 19, 2012


This whole post is {pretty}, {funny}, {happy}, and {real}, though I should start with {real} since Meg's room was such a mess!

{real} and {funny}
is that her room was a complete disaster, and she begged me not to come in while she cleaned it (because, despite my best efforts, I sometimes get a bit testy when we're cleaning it!).  Funny is that she took Before and After pics of every section.  I think we have a future blogger in our midst!

{pretty} and {happy}
She cleaned it all by herself, and I don't think I found anything stuffed under the bed, or behind the bed, or in the drawers, or in the closet, that I shouldn't have!  And I didn't have to help with it!!!

That's her brother's artwork acting as a blotter on the desk.

The mirror does need to be cleaned, but it's also very old and spotty.

We do need to do something about the few things stuffed in those crevices, but the floor is clear!
Go visit Leila and her girls for more {phfr}!


  1. Yeah Meg! Faith never wants me to clean her room either. She knows I come with a big black trash bag!

  2. Wow, what a trouper! Great job! I love the gazillion stuffed animals on the bed :)


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