Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We're in project mode here.  Not that I have a long list----just a short list and a desire to avoid tackling my real To-Do List!

Yesterday's inspiration came from going into the schoolroom/sewing room/craft room in search of fabric for KT's project (which I'll show you if she ever does it!).  While going through the stash, Little Princess found this old skirt of mine that I couldn't get rid of because I love the fabric!

She begged me to make a sundress out of it.  So we decided to drop everything and tackle this short project.

I opted to place the zipper on her side, under her arm, so we wouldn't have a seam in the center of the dress.  Plus, it would make it easier to get on and off without elastic.   I took her chest measurement and cut the skirt down one side, following the line of the skirt and leaving enough for a seam allowance.

While I sewed up the side, KT used the remnants to cut out 2 straps.  I sewed them inside out and she turned them.  I had to top-stitch to make them lie flat since there was a little bias stretch to them and they wanted to curl.

We had LP put on the dress so we could decide where to place the straps, then I sewed them on.  We discussed making them go straight over the shoulders or criss-crossed in the back, but Little Princess had her heart set on tying them behind her neck.

Hooray!  That was a quick project!  It only took about 30 minutes and she's thrilled with it.  Mom prefers a tee under it for modesty's sake, but it's fine for the pool.


  1. Hi Sara -- you did a good job on the dress! Pink and pretty, just like the little miss!

  2. I love this idea! gonna remember it for my old skirts!

  3. how cute is that!


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