Monday, May 17, 2010

J.Crew Knockoff

You know how you have those favorite shirts that you just love, and can't bear to part with when they start to get a little worn?

KT has this white one that she's extremely attached to.  So much so, that one of her male friends offered to buy her a new shirt because he didn't like the holes in it!

Then she discovered this tee at J.Crew, her favorite store, and instructions on how to copy it.  Seriously, if you have a daughter, you should bookmark that blog for future reference!

So she started by finding a fabric liked at JoAnn's.  She chose a linen-look that washes well and would fray nicely.  We bought 1/4 of a yard for $2, which was plenty. 

Then she experimented with flower shapes on paper.  Once she had designs she liked, she cut out a bunch from the material, and played around with different arrangments on her shirt, making sure to cover the holes and the pocket.

Because of tension issues with my sewing machine, and a lack of experience on her part, she decided it would be easier to sew them on by hand.  I like that idea because it meant I didn't have to deal with the machine problems and she wanted it to be her work, not mine.  It also gave it a more rustic, handmade look that KT likes a lot.

I think it turned out very nicely.  We love that $2 price tag, and I'd even go so far as to say that I like it better than the J. Crew version!

Cute as a button!


  1. I am glad that you got a chance to use my tutorial!

    It turned out great.

  2. Your daughter really is CUTE as a button, like her momma! Good job.


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