Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yarn Along

Still working on my Clapo-ktus because I had to frog the whole thing. I was almost finished, with just an inch or so to go, when I ran out of yarn. With this project, you weigh your yarn, then increase every other row until you've used half of your yarn. Then you start decreasing until you get to the end. I, however, tried to put an extra row or two in the middle before I started decreasing and I ended up running out of yarn with the tiniest little bit to go. So I have started over, but I seem to have run out of knitting time, and I haven't made much progress since then.

One bonus to having to start over is that I was able to increase the size of my needles because I didn't think the original was quite large enough.

No photo of my book, because my book is upstairs on my nightstand and I'm lazy. I just started reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I read a really good review of it on someone's yarn along post last week and I decided to try it since most of my high school students have read it. So far so good. As I'm reading it, I'm trying to remember the movie, which I know we saw, but I really have very vague recollections of what happened in it. So I think it will be like reading a brand-new book.


  1. Your yarn is absolutely stunning!! The shawl looks quite warm and squishy!

    1. Thank you! But it will be much lacier when it's finished---hopefully, still warm. ;-)

  2. Now wait. If you increased your needle size, aren't you going to run out of yarn again?

    PS I'm into the third section of my color affection and I'm a little nervous about running out of yarn, too. I haven't made any alterations to the pattern, however, so I hope I'm ok.

    1. Since you increase until you've used half your yarn, and then start decreasing, you should always use only the amount of yarn you have no matter what size your needle. But with larger needles each half should be bigger, right? Right?

      Send me a picture. :-)


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