Sunday, August 24, 2014

College Catholicism

This book was given out by the Catholic center when we went to orientation in July. It's a really nice prayer book! I didn't expect anything quite this nice from a university---excuse me----Institute. ;-)

Tom accidentally left it at home when we took him to college, but I'll make sure he gets it back! I used it at adoration on Wednesday and I just love it! It's a lovely little prayer book full of a wide range of useful, beautiful prayers.

I'm following the priest, on Facebook, who is assigned to the Catholic center and I'm very impressed with what I've seen. He is a blessing to this college community.

What experiences do you have with the Catholic community at universities where you attended or your children attend?


  1. The Newman Center at UC Santa Cruz was amazing. Their priests were wonderful to the non-Catholics who came and actually remembered my name. (The practicing Christian population there was tiny so we had some pretty fabulous ecumenism as people would be part of several different groups.) Fr. Roland used to give me a big hug when I ran into him on campus -- an absolutely fabulous guy and a wonderful preacher. (He usually preached at the ecumenical Ash Wednesday service.)

  2. You know pretty much of my experience at the Newman Center at Ohio State. During RCIA with Taylor I learned that my suspicions about the teachings of the Paulist Fathers were pretty on-target (very social justice minded, squishy on many Catholic teachings regarding homosexuality and life issues) Mass was Mass, even with drums and whole wheat bread. And it was great to see so many students coming, even in the dead of winter in deep snow, without the watchful eye of mom and dad. It was very encouraging.

    1. Sorry for the really poor sentence structure. ;-) I should proof BEFORE I publish.


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