Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monday Anniversary Musings

Where have I been for the past couple of weeks? Nowhere, really. Just taking care of back-to-school business. In fact, I'm blogging this from the oral surgeon's office as I wait for Tom to get his 4 wisdom teeth removed. I started to do Quick Takes on Friday but had to go when I got to 5 and never got back to it.

Saturday was my (and my husband's) 28th wedding anniversary! We lazed around waiting for Meg to get back from summer camp (where she had an awesome time and had to tell me all about the excitement of every day before I was free to go!), and then we went for an abbreviated version of our annual movie day and dinner (we saw Guardians of the Galaxy --yawn---and A Most Wanted Man--gripping).

Time is a funny thing----it has been 28 years since our wedding day, but it seems so recent. It's only when I think of the almost-25 year-old and her siblings that I can fathom how long we have actually been together!

28 years of living with this man, but only 18 years of living with my mom (who died  7 years ago today. God rest her soul!) Outside of God and my faith, he is the center of my life. In an ideal world, our six beautiful kids will grow up and move on with their own lives, and he and I will still be together. I'm sure he'll have to listen to my complaints about aches and pains, but I'm trying to be happy about having raised independent young adults, so far, and look forward to the things we will get to do together. I hope he is, too! ;-)


  1. Happy anniversary! We will be married 29 years in November and I feel the same -- like it's not possible it's been that long! I look forward to grandchildren, and hope I can stay well enough to be an active grandma! My husband puts up with my aches and pains begrudgingly. The other night when he came home he asked how I was and I responded "I feel kind of pukey." I guess he really didn't want my honest answer. He said he was going to have that engraved on my tombstone! Marriage is supposed to be a soft place to fall, but in reality, it isn't always. Hopefully yours is more often than not. ;-) Your husband seems (from my distant view) to be a really great guy.

  2. Smooochies to my little flower! xoxoxoxo


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