Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekly Musings

::Weekly Rambles::
I need a magnet for that other GA university, too. The 6-year old sticker is looking shabby!

What’s really on my mind and heart?

Still processing our 2-day orientation and the impending departure of my 4th child for college. Always before, there were lots of little distractions at home to keep me from mourning too much when a child left, though I did mourn. And I still do miss them terribly, but I think this departure is going to be hard. Two kids at our dinner table is too quiet.

What am I thankful for?
I'm very thankful for being on the mend. I was still pretty tired and draggy on Sunday, but noticeably better yesterday. The horrific sore throat seems to be gone. YAY!

What’s going on in school?

Not "in school" so much as "at the Institute". Tom and I spent two long days at GaTech orientation. It was tiring, but I got a lot of convalescing and knitting done. A lot of information to process. The crux of which is that it's a challenging environment for these smart kids who are used to being the smartest one in the room and not having to work terribly hard to excel in high school. They're all going to have to learn to study properly and hone some time management skills in order to succeed. I like that they really emphasized the need to sleep in many sessions----well, not sleep in the sessions, but in the sessions they emphasized the need to sleep. :-)

I'm ashamed to say that I never got a t-shirt for that "other university". I got this one yesterday because I saw another mom wearing it and it was cute. Ladies cut, scoop neck. I'd wear one from UGA if I had one. ;-)

What’s cooking?
No idea. More chicken broth.

What’s on the needles?
My Clapo-ktus grew quite a bit during orientation. (I was the only one knitting, as far as I could see. I don't know how people can sit there and do nothing!) It's a little slow with all the purling and ktbl (knitting through the back loop), and every other row is longer than the last, but when I get to the halfway point where I start decreasing and dropping the purl stitches, it will get faster and more fun. Normally, knitters hate dropping stitches and watching that row run (like pantyhose), but that's the point in this shawl, and it will be awesome!

What’s special about this week?

More braces, car repair, summer camp!
The way to this mom's heart!

What am I reading?

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You on Overdrive. Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wife on paper. Both very different books, but I'm enjoying both of them. When I go to bed, where I read Kristin, I think that I'd rather listen to the other, but I find that I'm perfectly happy to read Kristin well past my bedtime!

What am I praying about?
We're praying novena after novena for our school building campaign. We're not getting as much help from the internet as we need, and time keeps marching us closer to the deadline. 

What’s on my ipod?/
See: What am I reading?

What projects are happening at home?

So much clutter. And school books to get rid of. Maybe, just maybe, I'll find enough energy to focus on some of those things this week.

These 2 were so cute when we were playing Pictionary the other night.


  1. I recently had to sit through one of those orientations. Oh my. I don't know about you but it was so annoying! I wish i had thought to bring my knitting. There I was sitting there pregnancy and wondering why on earth I had to sit there. I guess if my daughter was going far away it would be different. But I think if you are looking at a 4th generation student the parents should just get a letter or something, lol.

    1. With 3 kids at UGA, I went to Orientation only once. I thought it was important to see what this other institution had to say, and I'm glad I went. It's a very different place.

  2. i had to chuckle a bit.....our son went to a governor's scholar program the summer of his junior year in HS; he called one night and said 'mom!!! there are really smart kids here!' I think that was his wake up call----yes, the competition is REAL and you are getting ready to be part of all that!!!!
    I understand where you are....we bring these little ones into the world to eventually set them free---hardest part about being a mom. I only had 2 children, but they were only 15 mo apart in age. It seemed I no sooner saw one fly the nest, then they were both gone. I finally let it grow into a different kind of wonderful mothering, but it was HARD!!!!
    (hee hee-----what DO people do during long meetings who don't knit????? I pay so much better attention when I'm knitting!!!!!)

    1. Yes, the knitting keeps me focused on what's being said. Otherwise, I'd be sitting there, checking FB (like everyone else) or wondering how long I have to sit there!

      I'm trying to look forward to the adventure of an empty nest and mothering grown children, but I'm a "nest 2/3 empty" kind of person, so it's rough. ;-)


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