Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quick Takes


omg so sorry!! hope that you can rest up and feel better!! please just call us next week to get r/s when you are better. Hope you get to rest up!! take care, dr.n

I got the above email from my chiropractor this morning. Since I don't have much of a speaking voice due to my bad cold, I opted to send an email canceling my appointment. I was cracking up, thinking that he, uncharacteristically, writes like a 15 year-old girl, when I remembered that his daughter is working in the office this summer. There might be clients out there who don't know that though!


Also uncharacteristically, I have been sick since Monday! It's Saturday now. I had enough energy to write exactly one Quick Take yesterday-----although Friday seems like daaaays ago from my perspective. Horrible sore throat and congestion. I had a physical scheduled for Tuesday, so they did a strep test which was negative. I look forward to feeling normal again!


College Orientation tomorrow for me and Tom. That's if I'm well enough. I feel a teensy bit more energetic today, so maybe I'm capable of sitting in a room listening to people talk. Just don't ask me to hike all over campus. My fitbit hates me this week.


Tom bought a new computer for college, so he gave up his little Chromebook to the family. This is almost as revolutionary to me as my iphone was! Yesterday I was able to work on the AHG treasury from the comfort of my sofa----writing checks and posting transactions to QuickBooks online. It was awesome to have that weight off my shoulders. I've been longing for a laptop for ages---who knew it was right here waiting for me?


The Polar Vortex didn't last long enough around here. We had a couple of simply gorgeous days that I spent holed up in the house! I did go out to sit in dh's lounger for a couple of hours one day, but that was tiring. Now we are having a heavy, steady rain which is a bit unusual. This time of year is usually afternoon thunderstorms, but this is nice. Everyone left for confession this morning and I was left to walk the dog (who hadn't done his business earlier because it was raining!) who desperately needed to go out. Walking in the heavy rain and deep runoff was kind of fun because it wasn't cold. It's a very pleasant temp. Don't you love walking in the rain?


These might be the most boring quick takes ever. That's what happens when your world dwindles to the size of your sofa. What do you like to see in the way of Quick Takes?


It's time to pick up my knitting and my chicken broth now that I've reached the 7th take. I hope your week has been more exciting than mine! Tell me what you've been up to?


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  1. I hope you feel better! (No double !!)

    I laughed out loud at that email. Hopefully there are few patients emailing the doctor this summer. If you hadn't had teenage daughters you might not have caught that, just thought the doctor's email very uncharacteristic. Too funny!

    I know what it's like to not have anything to say in seven quick takes, which is why I never post seven quick takes. You would be bored to be me, I imagine, but I prefer life within my house and yard. ;-) Yesterday we moved Josh home from campus and that was enough life outside my norm to last me months.

    I've been thinking about a chrome book. My oldest uses one in addition to his big computer, in addition to his kindle (he's an IT geek). I'm afraid it would just be another source of argument between the kids and me (because we have so many limitations on internet access). For now I'll just stick with my iPad mini, but I can see how it would be handy for school at home.

    1. PS I need to chat with you about yarn for a shawl (the one before the one you're working on) I want to make for my mil. What weight did you use?

    2. Actually it was your Color Affection.


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