Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Daybook

::Weekly Rambles::

What’s really on my mind and heart?
First and foremost, the biggest thing going on is a crowdfunding campaign to get the necessary dollars to buy a new building for our hybrid school. The link is here on Causevox. 

We lease space at a small Christian school, but between our growth and their growth there isn't room for all of us. When we started there, they had 40 students and we had 54---it was a win-win situation! Now, they have a new headmaster who has done a great job of growing their enrollment, while ours has also increased to 240 students. They don't need us anymore; they certainly don't want us taking up valuable space for their students, and we can't blame them for that!

After years of searching and fundraising, knowing this day would come, we've found an awesome site that is a bargain and everything we need. We just don't quite have the downpayment yet. Our school operates well in the black, so that with our current enrollment, we have plenty of money to make the mortgage payments once we get the building. Not only that, but once we have it, we will be able to fill a Monday-Wednesday session of classes and double our enrollment. (Since we're a hybrid, lower school students meet only Tuesdays and Thursdays.) We have a great curriculum and excellent teachers for 1/3 of the cost of most private schools in the area!

If you're still reading ;-) will you please, please, please, click the link and watch our video? If you can make a donation of any size, we will be eternally grateful. If you can't, you can still help us out by sharing the link on FB, twitter, and G+. We are committed to using all the money we earn towards the build-out on the bare essentials our students need. Beyond that, we're committed to building strong families, educating children who can think for themselves and have a willingness to serve others.

Would you like to help jumpstart an education revolution!?

Thank you for clicking and helping!

What am I thankful for?

I am really thankful for our school, St. John Bosco Academy. My good friend, one of the founders, asked me repeatedly to join them years ago, but I didn't feel I needed the assistance in the early years, and my older ones were already in private, Catholic high school. Now that SJBA has grown sufficiently to have a high school of its own, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to send Pip there. I hate to think that they might have to close the high school, at least, if we don't acquire this new property. We love this school.

What’s going on in school?

Pip is working on his AP World History homework every day, and I'm working on fundraising. :-)

What’s cooking?
There's lots and lots of green stuff in the fridge that needs to be cooked!

What’s on the needles?
Just the Sock Yarn Blanket. I'm thinking about starting another scarf if I can drag myself downstairs to look at the stash. 

What’s special about this week?
Not much this week. I'm sick, sick, sick. I think it's from the water park on Sunday and having a hefty dose of chlorinated, germy water forced into my sinuses. Yuck. Conveniently, I had an appointment for a physical today and the strep test was negative. So, when I finish this, I'm going to curl up with my knitting.

What am I reading?
Or my reading. I'm on Vol. II of Kristin Lavransdatter. I loved this trilogy 20-odd years ago when I was a new Catholic, but it seems very different this time. Poor memory may be part of it, but it's very likely that my understanding of the Catholic faith has changed and matured over the years. Reading about Kristin's pilgrimmage to confess and do penance for her sins was very moving.

What am I praying about?
Lots of prayers and novenas for the success of our building campaign! 

What’s on my ipod?/
Not listening to many podcasts these days. 

What projects are happening at home?
Don't speak to me of projects.  :-) They're not happening, either because I don't have the energy, or because I'm busy working on the SJBA building campaign, or learning how to be the AHG treasurer!

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