Friday, June 13, 2014

Seven Summer Quick Takes


I have begun doing a little blogging with the Blogger app on my phone. Sometimes it's easier because all the photos are already on my phone, and I can use the microphone on the keyboard to eliminate the need for typing. It doesn't have a lot of formatting abilities, but I can save my post as a draft and add the changes on the computer when I'm ready. On this post, for example, I'll have to add in the quick takes template that I normally use.

Have you ever tried blogging on your phone?


My mosaic cross needs to be hung a bit higher now!

I turned my computer desk into a standing desk, yesterday, simply by adding a shoe shelf underneath the computer. It's almost high enough. It could probably stand be about 4 to 6 inches higher, but it isn't any worse than it was when we were sitting down. I'll be on the lookout for a small box that I can put the monitor on to elevate it a little more.

I will also need to purchase a pull-out keyboard drawer so that we can stand and type, but I think it's going to work out really well. So far, I really like standing up at the computer it's a lot more comfortable for my back. And all that sitting is killing us, anyway.

I don't think the kids are going to like it very much, but if it keeps them away from the computer, I'm happy about that!


Yesterday was the third official swim meet of the season, and it was the first one that we actually managed to complete. The others were all rained out or canceled because of too much thunder.

They did the "senior swim" for all the kids who were aging out of swim team, like Tom. they read a short bio about each one of them, and then they swam a lap together.


Do you have a fit bit? They seem to be all the rage these days! I have a Fit Bip Zip which is the most basic of the Fit Bits. It's simply a pedometer. I have been trying really hard to get my steps over 7000 per day with an ultimate goal of 10,000 steps per day. Lately, I have figured out that the best way to get all of my steps in is to go for at least a 2 mile walk during the day in addition to walking the dog. Shopping days, either at the grocery store or at the mall, really help get my steps up! So do swim meets. Yesterday, I walked over 11,000 steps which is over 5 miles. That's great, but it really just makes me tired the next day and I don't get nearly as many steps in!

I'm anxious to get a Flex because that one tracks more and helps you with your goals. It also tracks your sleep and vibrates to awaken you, much like my Sleep Cycle app, which I love. 


What are you doing with your summer? Have you even started Summer yet? Somehow, I manage to stay "busy," but I find it very difficult to motivate myself to do some of the projects that I'd like to do. I can't decide if that's from true lack of energy or simply a need to recharge by doing...not nothing....but less....if you know what I mean.


Having not been to a meeting since just before Thanksgiving, Pip decided to return to Boy Scouts this week! I was kind of shocked, and it wasn't a convenient day to go back, but pleased, anyway. I love the skills that my boys have gotten from being in scouting, and I don't mind at all if he doesn't become an Eagle Scout (because he would have to work his behind off to catch up and complete that in 2.5 years!), but he will still get a lot out of it.


I would just like to point out that I've been standing at the computer, reading and blogging, for over an hour.  :-) I'm a little tired and hot, but when I've had to take a break to change the laundry or do something else, there's none of that pesky lower back pain and need to work out the kinks from sitting.

Have you tried standing more, or do you have a standing desk? If I could get a tred-desk, too, that would be amazing!


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  1. A tread desk? That's insane. I can't even walk and read. Ha!

    I rarely sit at the computer any more because of my iPad. But, I don't blog on the iPad. So, I mostly don't blog. Sometimes I type up what I basically want to say and email it to myself so I can blog it. My phone is so old it doesn't do much any more. It's a 3G iPhone. Doug keeps trying to buy a new one but I want nothing to do with a $500 phone. I have put two of these through the wash. If I could get rid of all of it, I think I would. I'm bucking to move to Montana between a mountain and a lake with a rain water filtration system and sun panels for electricity. I want to slow down!


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